5 advantages of SMD screen and how to maintain it

SMD screen

Will a bright outdoor advertising SMD screen or LED screen produce a decent image performance display? Some customers demand high brightness values, such as 7000 nits or 8000 nits. A higher-brightness outdoor LED television display sometimes equates to better visual performance.

The difference in brightness between an environment’s brightness and a display is detectable by human eyes.

Therefore, contrast and brightness are essential for outdoor LED video to combat ambient light and produce clear, high-resolution image quality.

Outdoor SMD Screen modules with a white surface versus those with a black surface.

Comparing a black surface outdoor SMD Screen with one with a white surface under direct sunlight.

What advantages might black SMD offer your outdoor display?

  • More excellent contrast and less reflectance

Compared to equivalent white-package SMDs, the black package delivers noticeably better contrast with decreased reflectance. Because of this, the black SMD is perfect for display applications where contrast is essential, especially in ambient solid light environments like a stage with lots of lights or in the sun.

  • Vibrant hues

Black SMD displays provide colors that are significantly more true to life.

This makes it a fantastic option for playing movie content, which demands more vibrant genuine colors.

  • Mild illuminance, pleasant visual experience

A black SMD display with 3000 nits may provide a more pleasing visual experience than a 6000 nits panel. This translates to improved image visibility with milder eye brightness. It is an excellent option for toe-to-toe outdoor applications, such as an LED totem at the entrance or a mobile display on the road.

  • Looks good

The black SMD has good color consistency on appearance while the display is off, which make the display will look lovely.

  • Both indoor and outdoor use

Due to its strong contrast and unique electrical architecture, the outdoor black lamp SMD Screen can also be used indoors for event rental purposes. It facilitates a quicker ROI.

How can I maintain an SMD Screen to extend its lifespan?

SMD Screens are now widely used and can be found in various outdoor structures, including stations, stages, and skyscrapers. However, do you know how to care for them? The outdoor advertising screen, in particular, is exposed to a harsher environment and needs more excellent upkeep to serve us properly.

The following are maintenance advice and safety measures for SMD Screens.

  • First Point:

The power source needs to be steady and securely grounded. The power must be turned off during dangerous weather conditions like lightning and torrential rain.

  • Second Point:

The SMD screen is exposed to the wind for an extended period and will also be exposed to the sun. Moreover, the surface is dirty. It is not advised to wipe a moist cloth directly over the screen surface. It can be cleaned with alcohol, a brush, or a vacuum. Effortlessly remove dust.

  • Third Point

Switch on the control computer first to ensure it can generally function before turning on the SMD Screen. Then, after use, turn off the computer after turning off the SMD Screen.

  • Fourth Point:

Water is wholly forbidden inside the display screen to prevent short circuits and fire. Flammable materials and conductive metal objects are also strongly forbidden from entering the screen body. Please turn off the electricity right away and get in touch with maintenance staff if water gets inside. Use only once the internal display panel has dried.

  • Fifth Point

During the wet season, it is advised to utilize the SMD Screen at least once weekly. Typically, the screen is lit for longer than an hour at least once every week.

  • Sixth Point

to prevent excessive current, excessive heating of the power cable, damage to the LED core, and a reduction in the display’s lifespan, avoid violently cutting off at will and refrain from often turning the power supply of the display on and off. The screen body must be disassembled or cut with permission.

  • Seventh Point

The LED screen needs to have its regular operation examined, and the damaged line needs to be promptly fixed or replaced. To ensure the computer’s ventilation, heat dissipation, and steady functioning, the primary control computer and other relevant equipment should be in an air-conditioned, dusty room. To prevent electric shock or circuit damage, non-professionals are not allowed to touch the screen’s internal circuit. Please seek a professional to do maintenance if there is an issue, or get in touch with the support team.

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