5 Of The Best Mayonnaise Brand Across The Globe

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5 Of The Best Mayonnaise Brand Across The Globe

Mayonnaise is a flavouring product used in sandwiches, hamburgers, composed salads, and even on french fries. Mayonnaise is also an important product used as a base in many sauces, including tartar sauce, remoulade, salsa gold, & rouille. The mayo is basically made from an emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and vinegar or lemon juice.

The history of mayonnaise dates back centuries. It depends on who you believe; either France or Spain is the birthplace of this condiment. That is also now everywhere in the U.S. However, the term mayonnaise first appeared in French cookbooks in the 18th century. But the very first appearance of a sauce similar to mayonnaise appeared in a recipe in 1750 from a Valencian friar.

Mayonnaise is used across the world and is used differently in various countries. For example, Japanese mayonnaise is typically made with rice vinegar, giving it a different flavour from European mayonnaise. In Russia, mayonnaise is made with sunflower or soybean oil and is really more popular than ketchup. 

The ingredients used in mayonnaise aren’t a secret. In fact, for a product to classify as mayonnaise in the United States, it needs at least 65 % vegetable oil. And also contain egg yolk, vinegar, and either lemon juice or lime juice. Nowadays, you can find mayonnaise applied on sandwiches, added to pancake batter, and everywhere in between. 


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Best Mayonnaise Brands: Our Best Picks

Although there are many popular brands of mayonnaise, a few brands stand apart from the rest. Have a look at our list!

  1. Hellmann’s

Hellmann’s was founded back in 1903 by Richard Hellmann. The owner opened his own deli, where he prepared ready-made mayonnaise. Which he distributed to customers in very small amounts. Their mayonnaise brand became so popular that he began selling mayo in bulk to other stores while improving its shelf-life.

Today, Hellmann’s is often associated with Best Foods. These are two American brands used to refer to mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, condiments, and other food products. Hellmann’s has had a list of owners, most recently Unilever, who took over the brand in 2000.

  1. Primal Kitchen

Mark Sisson started the Primal Kitchen mayonnaise brand with a simple mission. The mission was to change the way the world eats. As your life and your overall wellness are expressed by the thousands of choices you make. Whether for yourself or for your family’s everyday needs. Plus, by choosing real food. Also, do dig deeper into the brand, read Primal Kitchen Review5 Of The Best Mayonnaise Brand Across The Globe

The brand is committed to sourcing and selecting high-quality ingredients. In contrast, reducing single use plastics and supporting local & national organisations to fight food insecurity to create a better future for everyone. Therefore, they offer great mayonnaise sauce and various other products that can spice up your meals. 

  1. Heinz

The H. J. Heinz brand is a food processing brand founded by Henry J. Heinz in 1869. The brand manufactures thousands of food items in plants across the globe & supplies them in over 200 countries and territories.

Heinz brand ranks first in ketchup in the United States, boasting over 50% of the market share. Also, their Ore-Ida label holds 46% of the frozen potato sector as well. Heinz is well known for its mayonnaise, light mayonnaise, and several other flavours. Such as garlic and caramelised onion, lemon, and black pepper, among others. 

Moreover, this mayonnaise brand is considered to be the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company. Plus, following the merger with Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Some famous brands include Bagel Bites, Jack Daniel’s Weight Watchers, and many others.

  1. Kewpie

Kewpie is a Japanese mayo brand with a distinctive baby logo that comes in a soft-squeeze bottle. Kewpie mayonnaise was born in 1924 and is a usual household staple in Japan. The creator Torichiro Nakashima first encountered mayonnaise in the United States and then brought his delight back to Japan.

Kewpie’s mayo taste is much different from the regular mayonnaise the Western world is habitual to. Which often lends itself to a few different things. However, the eggs in Japan are much more flavourful, coming from free-range chickens. Mayonnaise in Japan is made only with yolks, as compared to American mayo, which is made with a whole egg. This gives Kewpie a yellow colour and a proper custard-like texture. They also use apple cider or rice vinegar, giving their best mayonnaise sauce a sweeter tang.

  1. Spectrum

Spectrum provides organic mayonnaise made with cage-free eggs. They make the best mayonnaise that is fully organic & does not use hydrogenated fat or artificial preservatives, like ordinary mayonnaise. Spectrum mayonnaise is owned by Spectrum Brands Holdings, which is a diversified American company. 

Spectrum as a mayonnaise brand was started for one simple reason: to provide a reliable source of high quality, wholesome products. The brand also offers 30+ varieties of Non-GMO Project Verified culinary oils, sourced from worldwide places including Spain and Italy. 

This mayonnaise brand is among the largest 500 in the United States. Plus, owning products under labels such as Remington, Black Decker, George Foreman, and Russell Hobbs.

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  1. Duke’s

Duke’s Mayonnaise brand was born back in 1917 by Eugenia Duke. Their popularity is mainly limited to the Southern region of the United States. It is commonly used in tomato sandwiches, cole slaw, deviled eggs, pimento cheese, and potato salad.

Duke’s mayonnaise brand uses more egg yolks than other brands on the market and has no added sugar. In 1929, the C.F. Sauer Company took over Duke’s products, and mayonnaise became their flagship product. As of the 2017 review, Duke’s mayonnaise was available around the United States, as well as New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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