5 Reasons To Invest in Organic Beddings in 2023

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Life was simple in earlier times. Nowadays, everybody lives a life that includes a busy or sometimes hectic schedule. As time passes, people’s needs, hard work, stress, etc., are making their lifestyles more complex. To cope with this fast paced lifestyle, definitely needs an adequate amount of sleep.

When you let your body rest enough, it supplies you with the energy to face the next day with vigor and enthusiasm. So, anything that helps you achieve quality sleep, should be adopted as a good practice. When it comes to choosing between different bedding materials, organic products always stand out.

Sleeping on an organic cotton pillow, natural wool or cotton mattress, or an organic mattress topper not only benefits your health but also the planet you live on.

5 Benefits That Organic Bedding Offers You

Switching to organic bedding products has multiple benefits to highlight. few among them are mentioned below.


1. Comfortable Bedding

An uncomfortable sleeping surface is one of the reasons that hinder a good night’s sleep. Mattresses and pillows made with synthetic materials may look attractive but their quality cannot offer ultimate comfort.

As an organic bedding product, such as an organic cotton pillow; mattress or mattress topper, comprises natural, toxin-free materials. Therefore, you need not worry about the quality of such products.

Sometimes, bedding stuff made with synthetic materials may give you perfect firmness at the time of purchase. Over time, there come high possibilities of these products becoming stiff. After a few months of using it, you may feel discomfort that may keep you tossing and turning at night.

2. Allergen-free Nights

Organic bedding products are extremely beneficial for people who have sensitive skin. A mattress or pillow made with synthetic materials may contain chemicals that the manufacturers use to create colorful patterns. These chemicals can have harmful effects on your skin and health.

Also, an ordinary mattress may absorb moisture or sweat and become an ideal habitat for mold, fungus, and dust mites. All these microelements are associated with skin irritation and respiratory issues.

Organic bedding products are usually made with organic cotton, wool, or latex. These materials are less likely to trigger any allergic reactions. They are free from harmful chemicals that may cause allergic reactions to your skin. Organic cotton and wool wick away moisture and prevents dust mites and bacteria from thriving inside your bed.

3. Relief from Pain and Aches

If you feel pain and aches in your back and shoulders, your ordinary mattress and pillow are probably responsible for it.

An ordinary pillow can be too soft or firm to support your neck and spinal alignment. It creates unnecessary strain and pressure on your neck. Sleeping the whole night in an incorrect posture on your regular pillow can be one of the main reasons for your chronic neck pain.

An unsupportive pillow makes your shoulder droop low during sleep. So, your shoulders and neck muscles receive a lot of tension. An organic cotton pillow offers the perfect firmness that supports a good posture and minimizes the risk of neck and back pain.

4. Cool Sleep

Bedding products made with organic fibers are significant in controlling temperature. The human body gets heat and sweat during sleep. Synthetic bedding materials lock the moisture and hinder ventilation through your sleeping surface.

The lack of airflow on your mattress and pillow creates a strong breeding ground for dust mites and fungus. Organic fibers help you sleep without feeling damp or sweaty by allowing proper airflow under your head and body. Thus, you can sleep cool and peacefully on summer nights.

5. Healthy Future for The Planet

Synthetic bedding products may emit flame retardants, like boric acids, phosphate, and silicon. In addition, petroleum-based products can release toxic gasses into the environment.

Replacing your regular pillow with an organic cotton pillow is the easiest way to do something good for your planet. Materials like organic wool or cotton do not include any pesticides or harsh fertilizers during their growth process. Organic cotton farmers save not just humans but also the other creatures living on this planet by avoiding such chemicals.

Also, pillows filled with organic cotton can be decomposed by bacteria since the filling is biodegradable. So, you can easily contribute to the green world just by sleeping on your bed.

The Bottom Line

While purchasing bedding stuff, it is always recommended to consider not only the outlook but also the quality of the materials. Before selecting the right mattress or pillow, check with the dealer if their products are GREEN GUARD Gold Certified.

After all, the health of your family is the most valuable asset for you. In addition, switching to organic bedding is a positive step towards a healthier home and environment.

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