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Increasingly present in the entrepreneurial landscape, business mentoring is much more than a simple trend. From the Entrepreneur to the Director of large groups, Mentoring is a commercial solution in certain cases. When it is of quality, turns into a real game changer both from Best Trading Mentor to a personal and professional point of view.


The Principle Of Mentoring Is Much Older Than One Might Think. 

It is in the roots of Greek mythology that we will find the origin of the word Best Trading Mentor. Leaving for the Trojan War, Ulysses is forced to leave his son without a father. His education not being finished yet, he entrusts it to one of his most faithful friends.

Although very old, Mentor’s story still seems very current. A parallel can even be drawn between the island of Ithaca. Where the number of pretenders to the throne continues to grow, and the competitive situation of businesses today.


What Is the Role of a Mentor in A Professional Environment?

First of all, it is essential not to confuse a mentor with a coach. By placing oneself as a mentor. An additional dimension is added, that of the relationship. The term is also recommended in France by the General. Delegation for the French Language and the Languages ​​of France instead of Anglicism coaching.

Throughout the mentoring, a real relationship will be created between the mentor and the mentee.

Starting from the starter pack where the mentor will discuss with the mentee to understand the context in which he is and the different needs he would like to meet, until the implementation of the action plan, a bond of trust will be created.

The mentor’s role will never be to do things for you, but simply to support and accompany you in this complex world that is the professional world. He will give you the tools, lead you to ask yourself the right questions, guide you… This is what makes the beauty of mentoring in a sense, the mentor will never take precedence over you. In a more allegorical way, the mentor sort of plays the role of a wise old man who has been through what you are going through and who you can trust completely.

A Desire to Transmit

Every great human has had a mentor in their lifetime. There is nothing more human than wanting to be accompanied by a person who has gone through what we are going through and who is able to advise us.

All our mentors have, in addition to having experience allowing them to advise you, a desire to transmit, to share. This is also mentoring. Whether we like it or not, the transmission of knowledge goes both ways. It’s given and take.


What are the Benefits of Mentoring?

The main advantages of mentoring in a professional environment are around 4.


An Outside Opinion

Even more so when you are in an entrepreneurial situation where only your opinion and your hindsight allow you to gain height, a wise outside opinion is always beneficial.

Avid of any interest, the opinion of the mentor will always be constructed and global. You must be in a good position to know this, but very often when you are overwhelmed by corporate life, it is difficult to have the perspective necessary to make the best choices. The mentor helps you in this process by giving you an external opinion that will allow you to put your priorities into perspective in order to achieve your set objectives.


A Guide

In the continuity of the first benefit, in addition to providing you with an outside opinion, the mentor positions himself as a real guide by your side. Listening to you and having gone through the situation you are going through; the mentor accompanies you both professionally and personally.


Time Saving

Of course, having a mentor by your side is also a huge time saver. Whether in terms of choice, or in terms of implementation, all these deadlines will be shortened. The mentor will help you focus on the essentials and the less so. He will also advise you and give you all the tools to have the most optimal time management possible.


Personal Development

Too often left behind, although the mentor will necessarily bring you a multitude of solutions on a professional level, he will also help you to develop personally. If only in terms of self-confidence, the mentor will give you all the practices to develop this ability to believe in yourself. The mentor will help you impose a true culture of effort, results and entrepreneurship.

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