Colored Designed Macaron Packaging For Your Business

Macaron Packaging

The perfect macaron packaging should be simple yet elegant. It should be made of a high-quality paperboard and should be reusable. 

The lid and drawer are printed with patterns and have an oblique bottom. Both the lid and drawer parts can be used multiple times. 

If you are looking for eco-friendly and bio-grade materials, you can purchase boxes with paperboard interiors and inserts from paper supply stores.

 Aside from the boxes, you can also purchase individual trays that are perfect for single confections.

Stylish Packaging

  • The outer box is designed to be both stylish and functional. It has a lid made of a 350gsm white card, which covers the product thoroughly. 
  • The inside has a black lining that is custom-made to fit the size of the macaron. 
  • This type of packaging allows for a full-color print to be printed anywhere on the box. 
  • It also has a drawer-style design, which makes it easy for customers to open the lid and see the macarons.
  • A macaron box is an upgraded version of the traditional blister-style box. 
  • It includes a paper sleeve and a tray for a single macaron. The lid is fully enclosed and can hold nine macarons. 
  • If you want to customize the size, you can purchase another box. One thing to keep in mind is that a custom-printed box will attract more attention from consumers.
  •  This type of macaron packaging boxes is not available in a blister-style box.

Customizing Your Product

  1. The  custome wholesale packaging is a sleek, modern option that is made of a 350gsm white card. It has a lid that completely covers the product and features a black lining. 
  2. The box can hold nine macarons. If you prefer smaller or larger boxes, you can get custom-printed boxes as well. 
  3. They can be easily customized according to your needs.
  4.  The orange-printed box is also more attractive to consumers. A personalized macaron box will attract more potential customers and improve the sales of your company product.
  5. A custom-printed macaron box will enhance the aesthetics of your products.  You can use macaron packaging ideas for invitations, promotions, and more.
  6. A high-quality box will help customers feel confident about your products. It should also be durable.
  7.  Besides, a good macaron box is not only elegant, but it will not fall apart after being opened. 

In addition to the macarons packaging ideas, it will look aesthetically pleasing to customers. This type of cardboard carton is the most inexpensive type of Macaron packaging.

Durable And Versatile Packaging

  • A macaron packaging box can be made of matte-black, matte-white, or orange-and-purple-colored paper. The white lid will cover the product completely. 
  • The interior will have a custom-made block lining and can hold up to nine macarons. 
  • Unlike other packaging materials, the box will not fall apart when opened. You can even customize the design of the lid.
  •  You can customize it with your logo or image.
  • A custom-printed box will enhance your macarons. The inside of the box is made of a 350gsm white card and has a lid that completely covers the product.
  •  The box will also contain a sleeve in a color of your choice. A customizable box will increase the customer’s overall experience with your products.
  •  It will give your customers a more upscale look to their guests. It is also a great way to advertise your brand.

Enhance Your Packaging

If you are selling macarons in your store, consider using a custom box. A custom box will enhance your macarons’ appearance and ensure their freshness.

 The inside of the box can hold nine macarons in a square custom macaron box, while a rectangular box will hold four or more. A clear box will make them easy to see.

 A plastic tray will keep your macarons from leakage. A customized macaron packaging is ideal for retail stores.

Good Material Made

  • The lid of a custom box is a vital element in the macaron packaging. It must be made of a high-quality paper board, which is durable and good material. 
  • A custom box will last for years to come. A French-made box will be perfect for a macaron business. 
  • Whether you choose to use a plastic tray or opt for a custom-printed one, a customized carton will be the best for your business.
  • Macarons are a specialty product, and a custom-made box will look stunning. 
  • The interior of the box is white and without any printing. The exterior is pink, and the inside is white. The box is made from a 2mm thick gray board.
  • It is also easy to reuse. 

In addition, your customer will be delighted to receive a macaron, and your brand will be remembered.

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