Decorative tips to adopt the seaside style

by Bilbilay
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Rest, serenity, relaxation, conviviality… The holiday atmosphere is so pleasant that we would like to feel it once we return. This is all the more true when you recharge your batteries at the beach, in the shade of the coconut palms. And maybe that’s why the seaside style is still popular. Materials, colors, accessories, staging, we explain here how to create a maritime atmosphere in your home and reap all the benefits.

Soft, fresh, revitalizing and soothing, the seaside atmosphere acts on morale and it is not complicated to take advantage of its effects even when you live in Paris or elsewhere, far from the sea or the ocean. How? The secret lies essentially in the choice of colors, in a few pieces of furniture and a well thought-out layout. Interested? Follow our decoration advice, make a few changes and you will see your interior metamorphose into a cocoon of plenitude, well-being and happiness.

The ideal color palette for a seaside atmosphere at home

Close your eyes, imagine your feet in the water, what do you see? Blue, turquoise blue, navy blue, lagoon blue … as far as the eye can see. You feel well? No wonder: this color, like all the others, would act on our behavior, our mood, our brain. And blue would have relaxing properties and stimulate creativity. In the seaside style, blue is ideally associated with immaculate white which sublimates it and gives it shine. Other shades enhance this marriage, take inspiration from those present in nature such as green, yellow, whether deep, bright or pastel, gold or silver, but also gray, beige, taupe…

The essentials for a seaside style decor

To give a marine look to your interior, you can also bet only on accessories. They remain easy to integrate into a hallway, a living room, a bedroom… and you can easily replace them the day you want to change your style.


When you imagine the beach, what elements come to mind? Seashells? Pebbles? Among the trendy objects, you will find shells, boats, fish, dried wood … Pick from these ideas and those that you will have. Why not paint seagulls on the hallway wall? And at the table, take out a tablecloth with fish, lagoon blue or turquoise tableware? In the living room, a piece of sofa in dried wood, in the bedroom, a light fixture made of pebbles… we’re not short of ideas! And other elements you might like: lighthouses, whales, glass bottlesfilled with fine sand, stones, wooden signs, anchors, buoys, deckchairs and deckchairs or even corals.

Typical marine materials for an original decoration

If you want to furnish your home in the seaside style, you should seriously consider getting things that are natural and can be found by the sea.

3 tips just for you:

  • The fishing net is revisited in a mezzanine with a living net for a child’s room, a playroom or even a relaxation area that young and old will enjoy.
  • Driftwood, typical of the seaside, makes it possible to make some useful and decorative accessories such as a coat rack to be fixed to the wall or even furniture.
  • Opt for curtains, cushion covers, deckchairs in linen or cotton. In white, they evoke the sails of boats!

Rattan, thanks to its natural character, also fits into a marine decor. Polished brass accessories are another highlight for decorative elements, as are seashells, sand-filled bottles or artistically draped nets.

4 tips for a “fisherman’s hut” decoration in your interior

You don’t have to renovate your whole house to give it a maritime touch. A few elements in this style as well as matching furniture are enough to let a fresh sea breeze blow from the bedroom to the living room.

Do you like vintage furniture and shabby chic?

That’s good! You can combine these styles with your seaside decor. For them to fit in perfectly and become little jewels, all you have to do is repaint them white or give them a patina. Go for models at homary! You can also simply place above marine objects such as a small lighthouse, a model sailboat, a tray with shells or decorative glass bottles.

In the bedroom, focus on linens

New pillows, curtains and other home textiles can transform a room without much effort. Opt for pillows with blue and white and with patterns like anchors, lighthouses or knotted ropes. An advice? White sheers floating in the room provide a feeling of freshness.

In the kitchen work the ceilings and floors

Does your interiors have rustic wooden floor beams or an old floor? Paint them white! It is the quintessence of fishermen’s houses built in a maritime spirit.

In the bathroom, vary the pleasures

Make way for the duckboard, the pebble-shaped mineral basin, bamboo furniture with blue tiles. Do not hesitate to nuance the color between the floor, the splashback or the shower area to energize the space.

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