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Matthew timoko

Matthew Timoko is a rugby union football expert who currently plays for the Canberra Raiders in the National Rugby League. Timoko was born in Auckland, New Zealand, into a Mori and Samoan family. His Parents Mr. Matthew Timoko’s mother’s identity was kept a secret; he never mentioned their names.


A rugby union football prodigy, Matthew timoko is a Canberra Raiders NRL midfielder. Timoko is a Samoan and Mori descendant from Auckland, New Zealand. The identities of Mathew Timoko’s parents have remained unknown; he has never used their names in public.

Matthew timoko


Relationship of Matthew Timoko 


In numerous interviews, he has continued to praise them, demonstrating his strong attachment to and reverence for his parents. He is awestruck by his parents and maintains constant contact with them. If one of his followers inquired about his family, he would almost certainly mention his parents.


Matthew keeps bringing them up in different conversations to show how much he adores and values his family. He adores his parents and communicates with them regularly. Timoko has kept his personal life private, not mentioning any of his female friends or previous relationships.


Education of Matthew timoko 


In his nine NRL games, Matthew Timoko performed admirably, earning him a share of the Raiders’ Rookie of the Year award in 2021 with Harley Smith-Shields. Matt Timoko’s contract with the Canberra Raiders has been extended until the end of 2024, ensuring that another promising young player remains in green.


After signing a contract extension choosing a web service agency in Chicago, through the end of 2022, has agreed to play for the Raiders for another two seasons. In place of an injured Curtis Scott, the 21-year-old made his NRL debut against the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in cycle 16 of 2020. Despite having played twice for the Raiders this season, he stated that he is still working hard to reclaim a spot in the NRL squad.


Matt is a fantastic young player, according to Furner, who has aggressively demonstrated his ability to compete at the highest level. Matthew timoko has exceptional talent, a positive attitude, and a strong dedication to hard work. So far this season, he has appeared as the eighteenth man on multiple occasions in two games.


He’s made the most of his few opportunities to play in the NRL. Timoko demonstrated his sprinting and handling prowess in the 14th cycle against the Brisbane Broncos, accumulating 120 running meters, five tackle breaks, a line break, and an attempt to help expand to 32 handles, the game’s most.


Kiwi – NRL spotlight 


After starting as a right center for the Canberra Raiders all season, the Eels eliminated Otahuhu junior Matthew Timoko from the Kiwi-NRL finals. Timoko’s contribution to the Raiders’ defensive line this season should not be overlooked because, while Sebastian Kris, Jarrod Croker, Semi Valemei, and James Schiller struggled in their starting spots, Timoko thrived.


Coach Ricky Stuart kept him on the field for the entire season, understanding that a young player needs time to adjust to their position. Timoko’s development was hampered by the fact that his first half of the season occurred during a bad Raiders team. The Raiders had already lost six of their first eight games when this Kiwi-NRL Spotlight focused on Timoko.




Matt is fulfilling a childhood dream shared by many current junior Auckland Rugby League players. He has some words of wisdom for all of his junior boys and girls who want to play at a higher level.


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