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oldironsidesfake is a popular place to get fastest fake id service, and it is known for being able to make Driving and student ID cards. Many small businesses in the United States resell their IDs to make a profit. The real question, though, is still unknown.

Is it worth it to buy a fake ID from oldironsidesfake?

Rich snippets make it easy to put reviews on a website with a lot of stars. For a full review and analysis of their products, we need to know what kinds of fake IDs they sell.

Licenses to drive in Canada

  • Licenses to drive in the US (10-12 state IDs)
  • ID cards for students
  • oldironsidesfake REVIEWS: 2022

1. Review of oldironsidesfake Canada’s Driver’s Licenses

The samples with “Chris Hemsworth” as a stand-in show the templates that they use to make these IDs. Some of the IDs they sell start at $89 and are from places like Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec. Depending on how many IDs you order, the price goes down.

It’s important to know that not many companies want to make Canadian ID cards. When compared to US state IDs, these don’t get used as much.


Their claims that ID cards can be scanned are also not true, according to our members and visitors. The fact that their Manitoba licenses don’t have microprinting and that they use the wrong ink to print the cardholder’s signature shows that they aren’t very good at what they do. Users can only upload a photo of their face and signature that is 4 megabytes in size. We think it’s a very small size that makes it hard for customers to send high-resolution photos.

You can choose things like your hair color, date of birth, and signature, but you can’t write down your own license number, issue date, or expiration date. That means you can’t change your ID to make it fit the rules.

2. oldironsidesfake Student IDs Reviews

Even though it sounds interesting, young people in the US or CA don’t use student fake IDs very often. You need a driving license or state ID if you want to buy alcohol. These ID cards don’t let you do that.

We think that fake cards made by students are a huge security risk. So, we don’t think it’s a good idea to use these as a way to have fun. Some of the student IDs that ID oldironsidesfake makes don’t have holograms, and when you bend them, the laminates come off. The price starts at lower to higher, but if a group orders them, the price may go down.

3. oldironsidesfake USA Driving Licenses Reviews

oldironsidesfake makes licenses for more than 10 states in the US. From Illinois to Colorado and many other places, it has a wide range of products with prices starting at $90. The review of oldironsidesfake for this category can be broken down into the following parts.


Less expensive licenses. (Unlike or other companies) They still make IDs that are out of date.
IDs can be sent quickly.

All of their IDs are old except for the ones from Illinois and Connecticut. Due to the real ID, the designs are no longer valid in the US.
The list of US state IDs is very small. Most other sellers have between 30 and 40 fun licenses to choose from, but oldironsidesfake only has 8 to 10 limited IDs. Only 3 or 4 of these are still true. The rest are out of date.
Dan from Columbus, Ohio, who is one of their customers, says the following:

oldironsidesfake is a company that makes fake IDs. They are losing customers quickly because their staff isn’t very experienced, they can’t copy important features on their fake IDs, and they make useless products like student IDs.

You can read reviews from real customers below. If you have used an oldironsidesfake product, please use the comments form below to tell us what you thought and what you learned.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

[5 points out of 10]: Since this is an Illinois license, the front needs to be full of perforated holes. oldironsidesfake’s (nIL) doesn’t have any holes in it. The UV ghost photo on the back can be seen in regular light, even though it should only be seen in UV.

Shipping: (3 out of 10): Express shipping cost extra. But getting the license still took 6 days. Which one do we think is a rip-off?

Codes: [4/10] QR codes work well. Some IDs do not have magnetic stripes.

Customer Service: [5/10]: Support is terrible. Customers are unhappy because they can’t pay easily and the staff isn’t responsible.

How long does oldironsidesfake take to ship?

oldironsidesfake has an unstable shipping setup. Most mail takes between two and three weeks. If you pay for express or rush shipping, FedEx or DHL will be used, and it will take about a week. The price for that is 50 USD. Customers and reviews show that IDviking’s shipping time is not what it says it is. The real amount of time is much longer.

How long does oldironsidesfake take to send an email?

One to two hours after submitting, you’ll get an email with a confirmation message or your order number. When compared to competitors like IDGod or Fakeyourdrank, their customer service is pretty good. When it comes to support, oldironsidesfake is the best.

Are oldironsidesfake’s fake ids good enough? Does it work?

We don’t know of any reports that say oldironsidesfake supports or claims that their fake IDs will scan. On the back of each ID card, they do put a barcode and a magnetic code. But these may or may not work. Before buying any kind of ID, we think you should open a ticket on their platform and ask them about it. oldironsidesfake doesn’t seem to be responsible for any fake ID that doesn’t scan. This is what their terms say. In that case, they won’t give any more copies or refunds.

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