Health insurance plans comparison India

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health insurance plans comparison india


A good health care policy is a contract between an insurance provider and a consumer that addresses the payment of medical expenses for life insured.

The provider would either ensure you are qualified for cashless treatment for injuries or diseases covered by the policy in any medical center or reimburse your medical costs.

Health insurance premiums may also be tax-deductible under Section 80D of the Tax Act of 1961. Let’s see what health insurance plans are offered in India and their features.

India’s several health insurance options

The many sorts of the best health insurance plans in India that are available for you to select based on your unique needs are listed below:


Health Insurance for Individuals

Health insurance is provided under specific plans for individuals. In contrast, it is provided under others for families and groups. The consumer, who will get the financial rebate for his investment in the best health insurance, is the only person covered by the Individual Health Care Plan.

The following are the essential characteristics:

  • This type of personal health insurance solely protects the covered person.
  • Depending on the premium, the insurance company pays for some of the insured’s medical expenses.
  • Hospitalization Expenses: The coverage pays for hospital expenses.
  • The Income Tax Act’s Section 80D tax deductions.
  • Includes operation expenses, a doctor’s charge, hotel rent, and lab fees.
  • For specific medical services, the insured must pay a fixed sum. Co-payment is the term for this.
  • This plan covers hospitalization-related costs both before and after.

Individual health insurance plans provide several benefits, like

  • The policyholder only earns all benefits under an individual health insurance plan.
  • The person will profit from the individual sum promised rather than the variable sum assured.
  • It is best suited for those who face more significant health risks.
  • The strategy can be expanded to include parents and close relatives.
  • There are no limits on the oldest age at which members may renew their policies.
  • Since the plan only covers one person, you don’t need to be concerned about filing one or more claims in a calendar year.

Health Insurance for the Whole Family

Several individuals of a single household can be insured for insurance coverage under a family floater insurance by paying only one premium yearly. Many claims may be accepted if the family has multiple diseases, and the sum promised can be divided among family members.

Ultimately, it is more affordable than buying individual health insurance in the name of family members. The best health insurance providers in India provide family floater policies.

The following are the essential characteristics:

  • The ability to expand the sum guaranteed to cover several family members if necessary is one of the main benefits of family floater health insurance. The primary policyholder may choose a bigger or smaller sum assured, and it will reflect in the premium following their level of healthcare appetite for risk and where they live.
  • If they inform their insurance provider within 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital and choose to stay in one of the network hospitals, the insured individuals of a family floater are eligible for cashless hospitalization.

In rare circumstances, such as emergency hospitalization, accidents, or admittance in hospitals outside of their network, insurance may permit therapy first and reimbursement afterward.

  • A set amount of room rental might be included in the insurance for each day that a patient is hospitalized.
  • Some family floaters operate on a co-pay system, where the insurer picks up a portion of the bill and the customer the remainder. Since the insured pays for a portion of the hospitalization, the premium is typically cheaper.
  • If a more considerable sum is promised, if insured individuals are older or possess a medical record, most firms will request a medical check. A statement of perfect health by the policyholder is all that is needed, with some insurers offering their policies exclusively online.

Health Insurance for Seniors

For persons 65 and older, several insurance firms provide health coverage for Senior Citizens. These good health insurance plans quickly pay for any medical costs clients incur. 

Senior citizens’ health insurance plans cover serious illnesses, provide cashless hospitalization, cover pre-existing conditions, and have more significant guaranteed amounts.

The best health insurance plans for seniors and parents are offered various features, like cashless hospitalization, critical illness coverage, and detailed coverage for conditions like cancer and stroke.

The following list includes some of the essential characteristics of senior citizen’s health insurance policies in India:

  • Hospitalization coverage, including room and board costs and medical expenses
  • No-Cash Hospitalization
  • Daycare costs brought on by technological improvements
  • There is coverage for ambulance fees
  • Conditions of Pre-existing are covered depending on the insurance company
  • Before obtaining medical insurance, there is no medical exam necessary.
  • Pre-existing condition insurance
  • Easier and quicker settlement

Insurance for Critical Conditions

Diagnosed with an acute disease may be highly costly and time-consuming for the patient and their family, and the patient may be unable to work and cover the costs in some other manner.

The following are the essential characteristics:

  • Plans for critical diseases in health care are explicitly designed to act as a safety net in the event of significant illnesses like cardiac arrest, paralytic disability, cancers, transplants, bypass surgery, renal failure, coma, stroke, etc.
  • After diagnosis, there is often a grace period of 30 days (depending on the insurance), during which compensation is paid if the patient survives.
  • Following hospitalization, the money promised will be given as a lump sum.
  • People above a particular age must have pre-medical examinations (generally 45 years).
  • In the case of daycare procedures, treatments like dialysis completed in just a few hours will be reimbursed.
  • Although most insurers cover pre-existing conditions after a specific amount of consecutive monthly payments, this health insurance policy excludes coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • Most providers will provide a list of hospitals in their cashless network where care can be obtained without paying cash.

Health Insurance for Groups 

A company’s qualified employees are covered by a group health insurance coverage, often known as corporate health insurance. Group health insurance is one of the leading employee benefits packages that firms offer, and in some situations, it may also cover the dependents of employees.

The following are the essential characteristics:

  • Some insurance plans could pay for boarding costs in addition to the fees for the surgeon, anesthetist, and consultant; expenditures for anesthesia, oxygen, and diagnostic tools; and other costs like X-rays and dialysis.
  • Provide a cashless payment option and allow patients to pay their healthcare expenses directly.
  • Offer to pay for hospitalization costs before and after a specific period.
  • Maternity benefits may be available under some plans.
  • For several operations, such as chemo, eye surgery, and tonsillectomy, less than a 24-hour hospital stay is required.
  • Extra protection beyond hospitalization coverage for some severe illnesses.
  • After paying an additional premium, specific policies may cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Some insurance plans could pay for domestic costs.
  • Among the optional advantages are the deletion of the waiting period and the first year’s exclusions, in addition to the reimbursement of ambulance costs.

Health Insurance for Maternity

Maternity insurance is a type of health insurance that includes coverage for all expenses related to pregnancy, including those related to both natural and C-section births.

Some insurance companies provide maternity plans that include pregnancy coverage, pre and postnatal expenses, and costs associated with a newborn child.

Some businesses also provide their female staff maternity coverage as a rider or with the best health insurance plan.

Plan inclusions in case of maternity insurance

  • C-section method
  • Labor costs and delivery costs
  • Pregnancy costs
  • Postnatal costs
  • Patient hospitalization expenses
  • Newborn baby’s expenses
  • Vaccination costs for the infant Obstetric complications costs for a legally required abortion
  • Stem cell preservation

Healthcare packages as a Preventive measure

For people wishing to undertake routine health check-ups, insurers and healthcare organizations all around the nation provide a variety of programs in the shape of “preventive care check-up packages.” This is one of the best health insurance policies you can buy.

These assist clients in identifying potential illnesses and taking the appropriate precautions. Acute diseases can be identified early and treated with the proper medication thanks to such strategies, which are crucial.

Insurance For Personal Injury

Personal accident insurance plans to safeguard your loved ones in the event of your passing or injury due to an accident. The needless death, damage to the limbs, disability, etc., resulting from incidents of a general type relating to travel or employment are covered by personal accident insurance.

The following is a list of the things that personal accident insurance covers:

  • Death by accident
  • Entire and ongoing incapacity
  • Incapacity to some extent for life
  • A brief complete impairment
  • Partially disabled temporarily
  • Burns from decapitation

Health insurance plan comparison is thus vital, and the above points are a good guide for you.


Finding the best insurance plan might be challenging, but you can now access various alternatives online due to technological improvements. Before choosing the policy that perfectly suits your demands, you may evaluate and compare health insurance plans

When buying health insurance plans, people frequently make mistakes that may be avoided to help you get the most out of your policy.

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