How to choose a sofa and how to identify the quality of the sofa

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choose a sofa

The sofa is the furniture closest to people, and the sofa is also the protagonist of the living room. A beautiful and high-quality sofa is the highlight in the living room to attract the attention of guests, and it will also bring a lot of comfort and comfort to the visiting guests.

Therefore, when purchasing living room furniture, more attention should be paid to the sofa. In the process of purchasing a sofa, the key is to identify the quality of the sofa from the following aspects, so as to ensure the purchase of a sofa with high cost performance. In addition to paying attention to the selection of sofa products, how to identify good sofa products is also very important. In view of these two aspects, Simon Lee Sofa will briefly share with you today, and I hope it will be helpful to you! Discount Code NHS


Frame quality

Shake the sofa back and forth, left and right, and there is no looseness or noise, indicating that the frame is firm. Generally speaking, in the mainframe part of the sofa, a mortise and tenon structure should be used; other parts can also be connected with wood screws.

If you find that the internal frame is all made of nails, it is best not to buy a sofa with such a structure; otherwise, even if there is no looseness for the time being, the frame of this type of sofa will definitely loosen and even collapse after not being used for a long time.


Fabric sofa look up cloth

The wrapping depends on whether the fabric is tightly attached to the inner filling, whether it is flat and straight, especially the transition between the two armrests, the seat and the back should be natural and free of creases. If it is a round and semi-circular handrail, it depends on whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful.

Finally, sit down and have a try, and feel whether the inclination angle of the seat and the back or the curvature of the back seat are in good agreement with the four parts of the waist, back, buttocks and leg bends; The arms are naturally stretched and open; whether the sitting feeling is comfortable and whether the standing up is comfortable. After standing up, check whether the fabrics on the buttocks, backrest and armrests have obvious looseness and creases that cannot be restored for a long time

Sofa interior quality

Nowadays, the bottom surface of the high-end sofa seat and back is mostly made of nylon belt and snake spring cross-woven structure, and the upper layer is layered with high-elastic foam, sprayed cotton and light foam.

This kind of cushion has a good rebound and comfortable sitting feeling. Mid-range sofas mostly use glue-pressed fiberboard as the bottom plate of the seat and back, and the upper layer is layered with medium-density foam and spray-coated cotton. This kind of cushion has a hard sitting feeling and slightly poor resilience. Amazon Discount Code NHS

Sofa height and width

The height of the sofa seat should be equal to the height of the person’s calf plus the heel of the shoe or slightly lower, about 35-42 cm. The width of the front of the single sofa seat should not be less than 48 cm; the double sofa should be more than 95 cm; the three-seater sofa should be between 140-145 cm, and the depth of the seat surface should be between 48-55 cm.

The height of the backrest should be between the shoulder and the ear when sitting down, about 68-72 cm from the ground to the top of the backrest

Sofa sponge density

High-end sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of more than 30 kg/m3, and back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of more than 25 kg/m3.

In order to improve sitting and lying comfort, some foams have been softened without reducing the density, and some have vertical springs in the seat cushions to make the sofa have higher resilience and anti-aging performance. Under normal circumstances, it is best for the sofa cushion to be depressed by about 10 cm after the human body sits down.

Leather art sofa look at leather art

When purchasing a leather sofa, the leather surface should be rich and shiny, without scars, and with fine texture and texture. Pinch a place with your fingertips and pull it up. It should feel flexible and strong. Wrinkles can disappear or not be obvious after sitting. The leather is the best leather. Unblocked Games 911

When choosing a sofa, you should pay attention to the brand and whether it is healthy and environmentally friendly

When choosing sofa products, you should try to choose choosing a web service agency in Chicago, with good brand awareness and market reputation. This is because choosing these sofa products can not only ensure your comfort during use, but also get more professional services. , and once there are after-sales problems, you can also have better protection. In addition, whether the sofa product has an environmental protection product certification is also very important.

Only products with certain environmental protection will not cause health damage to our body. The Simon Lee sofa is made of genuine leather to ensure the comfort of users. Each of its products has an environmental protection product certification. At the same time, the Simon Lee sofa originated in North America and can also provide users with professional services.

Sofa products need personal experience

When buying a sofa, it is recommended that you do not try to save trouble, but ignore the test seat. Only after you experience it yourself, will you know whether the structural design, softness, resilience, etc. of the sofa meet your needs.

Simon Lee sofa We attach great importance to the real experience of users. In the Simon Lee sofa store, you can not only experience the comfortable experience brought by the Simon Lee sofa, but also get the most professional advice from shopping guides. Amazon NHS Discount Code 

How to choose a sofa

Sofa has been used by people until today, and people still cannot do without it. Nowadays, people sleep on the sofa as a bed. Anyway, as long as it is available, people will use it to the extreme, and its functions will start to increase. How to choose a sofa, I hope my sharing can help you

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