How to Improve Employee Staff Planning Software: 5 Strategies

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Staff Planning Software

In addition to crunching numbers and adapting to ever-changing business requirements, as well as engaging with customers, much of a manager’s daily workload consists of constructing work rosters for the upcoming week or month. Creating an employee roster involves coordinating full-time, part-time, and freelance staff according to their availability. This process comes with several complexities; although you may already be applying spreadsheets to try and resolve the situation, it is highly recommended that you make use of staff planning software specifically dedicated to managing employee schedules in order to ensure your workforce is in sync and operations are running smoothly.

Using staff scheduling software can help you achieve this, but it’s equally important to master its features to get the most out of it if you already have one.

5 Strategies to Simplify Staff Scheduling Software:

  • Ensure Employee Satisfaction Is a Priority:

One part of a good talent strategy is scheduling your employees effectively so that they only work when they are free.

It is possible to avoid staff overscheduling by using an app for employee scheduling. Having this feature also avoids uncomfortable confrontations with your staff when you have to tell them that you need to reduce their working hours, which can result in higher expenses than revenue.


You will have happier team members when you use your staff planning software to avoid overscheduling since everyone’s time is respected and used efficiently. Employee engagement boosts employee retention and fosters staff loyalty. Keeping employees engaged enhances employee retention.

Staff Planning Software

  • Conveniently Clock In For Employees:

Having trouble clocking in employees? This duty can be quite challenging, especially if you work in certain industries such as events and catering, but you can still get precise payroll reports and keep track of your workers’ shifts by using an app for scheduling employees. A good way to monitor your staff’s working hours is to compare the best time-tracking software of 2020.

With staff planning software, you can ditch the manual time-tracking spreadsheets and opt for time tracking with location functions, so you can track your employees’ locations. Ensure that your team members are present and productive at work by reducing staff no-shows.

The feature is especially useful if you have a large number of freelancers, which is likely to be the case post pandemic, or if you need to make your team mobile. To ensure accurate payroll reporting and accurate employee tracking, we recommend using this feature.

  • Payroll Automation with Staff Planning Software:

Employee schedule makers shouldn’t be limited to monitoring employee availability and working hours. They should have automated payroll features that cover flat rates, hourly charges, as well as global wages.

Besides time tracking, the best employee staff planning software can automatically calculate regular or weekly overtime so that your staff can receive bonuses for the extra hours they put in. The payroll report should also be able to calculate special rates for rush orders and events as well as reimbursements, tips, and bonuses.

In addition to allowing you to accurately predict project costs, these tools also allow you to examine your payroll in great detail. 

  • Performance Monitoring for Employees:

Your employee staff planning software already keeps track of your employees’ working hours, so you can use this information to measure the profitability and productivity of your organization.

Employee scheduling apps can greatly influence how you perceive your business, especially if they display it in real-time, allowing you to quickly rectify any lapses. Additionally, you can determine if your employees are truly engaged at work and driving productivity and if you’re gaining more than you lose.

Human Resources Today recommends using employee engagement data to complement business metrics, encouraging companies to use it to drive organizational change.

Stay on top of your business and stay ahead of your competitors with this feature.

Staff Planning Software

  • Contact the Tech Support Team:

If you encounter any problems with your employee scheduling app, contact customer support right away so that you can resolve them quickly.

To ensure that your company’s goals aren’t derailed, the best employee staff planning software features round-the-clock tech support.

Time is money, so 24/7 support is essential. Rather than focusing on ways to improve the customer experience, you devote more time to fixing your employee scheduling app. Check your solution’s dashboard to see if it offers a channel where you can easily contact account managers in case of an issue since the longer you wait you will lose sales if you don’t find a solution to your problems.

Enhance Employee Scheduling with Staff Planning Software

If you use employee staff planning software, you’ll be more efficient. By simplifying your platform and mastering its various functions, you will be able to save time on scheduling your staff and use this time to improve your organization.

You can streamline your scheduling and payroll processes with staff planning software, and optimize your team’s time so that your venture runs smoothly. As a result, you are able to perform better and devote more energy to campaigns that contribute to the bottom line of your business.


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