How to install ac unit?

How to install ac unit

If you decided to install AC Unit, then you made a good decision. Now, the only thing you have to do is to be sure that you installed your air conditioner correctly.

The air conditioner is not so easy to install that’s why you need to hire ac installation service.

In the summer, a split system air conditioner is a fantastic alternative for keeping your house cool and cozy. Compared to central air conditioning, these devices are also more energy-efficient, quieter, and simpler to install. Since the compressor and condenser are mounted outdoors and the cooling unit is ductless, all that is required to connect the units is a pipe and an electrical cable.

If you have some experience with plumbing and electrical work and you don’t want to hire a professional to install the unit, you can do it yourself. Although every air conditioner is unique to its maker, installation ac unit is generally the same for all air conditioners. Tips to Choose Best AC Repairing Services

So, if you decided to install the air conditioner on your own and not hire ac installation dubai, then read how to install it on your own.

Installing the unit

To mount the indoor unit, choose an open space on the interior wall. Make sure the position you choose will allow you to drill a hole through the wall to feed the pipes from the indoor unit to the outside unit. For optimal results, choose a location away from heat sources and direct sunshine.

To make sure the wall can support the weight of the unit, choose a position with studs.

Install the device away from any antennas, power lines, telephones, home security systems, radio, or intercom connections. Your air conditioner may experience operational issues as a result of the electrical noise coming from these sources.

Avoid areas, where there may be gas leaks, oil mist, or sulfur, is present.

Even though they are mounted high on the wall, the majority of these units include remote controls that make it simple to turn them on or off and change the temperature.

The mounting plate must be fixed to the inside wall. Place the mounting plate against the wall where the indoor unit will be installed. Make sure it is level both horizontally and vertically by using a level. Mark the locations of the screw holes with a pencil, take off the plate, and then drill a hole into the wall for each screw. 

Tapping screws are used to attach the plate to the wall after it has been placed so that it aligns with the holes and plastic anchors have been inserted into the holes.

On the indoor unit, check the electrical connections. Remove the cover by lifting the front panel of the A/C unit. Verify that the wiring fits the unit’s wiring diagram and that the cable wires are connected to the screw terminals.

The type of Installation

Typically, window air conditioners are only installed during the hottest months of the year. You may simply take the air conditioner out after summer is over so you can once again open and close the window.

Naturally, you can leave the window unit on all year long, but doing so will make it harder for you to raise and lower the window.

Additionally, a hole drilled into the outer wall of a room can house a single AC unit. This type of installation, which is typical in hotels and older residential buildings, is more of a permanent one: The unit remains in place throughout the winter even when it is not in use. The installation of a “through-the-wall” air conditioner is more complicated and best left to a professional.

Installation Cost.

Installation costs for different ac units are different which was depending on the category such like Installation cost for ac unit, Installation of portable ac unit, Installation of window ac unit, Installation of split ac unit, the Installation cost of 4 ton ac unit, Installation kit window ac unit, installation cost of window ac unit, wall ac unit installation and uv light installation in ac unit. The installation charges/fee/cost is very hight and different. Lets Know How to Choose Best AC Repair Service Company in Dubai

Ac service in Dubai offers the help of good professionals. Never doubt hiring a good company for this kind of hard work.

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