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When bluey season 3 first hit Disney back in august, one episode was missing. The episode was not missed but banned. Content of the particular bluey episodes, which is already aired in Australia and wasn’t up to a very specific standard for Disney and the US audiences. But the bluey episode is streaming on Disney. For further details visit Bingo and for the extra details.

Which episode of the bluey was banned 

The show is licensed on the air by US Disney and according to the TV, an episode of the blue from season 3 titled family meeting was banned from the platform because it did not meet the broadcast standards and the practices for Disney Junior.  aboveinsider, here we can see the details of the Bingo.

In the episode with bluesy’s mom, Chilli accuses her husband bandit of the fluffing in bluey’s face. And he wakes up and climbs out of the bed. And this accuses the sets of the plotline where the bandit is put on trial with the chilli acting as the judge. 

Bluey and Bingo are called witnesses as the family tries to piece together whether the dad farted in the kid’s face. However, there is also another episode of the blues that have been banned in the US and nobody even noticed.


Is any other episode of the bluey was banned 

Turns out of the farts and the only things that have been banned from the bluey. As pointed out by the guardian. A season of the two episodes is called the daddy baby in which the bandit acts as if he goes through the children.

That has been available on Disney or in Disney Junior. To be clear this episode was seen as the bingo pretending to be born out of the father bandit. Bingo is curled up inside of the baby carrier strapped to the bandit and both the father and the daughter then pretend to give birth to the bingo, hence it is called the dad baby.  As of the writing of the family meeting in Disney, then the dad baby is still banned and you can watch a preview of the episode on youtube below or purchase the episode. 

About the bluey 

Blue is an Australian cartoon based on the blue heeler dog named bluey who turns everyday family life into an adventure. This children’s TV show is more than entertainment for the preschooler, it is a great educational show and once you watch one episode and you can not help but fall in love with the bluey and the rest of the family. 

Bluey creator admits his wired game goes too far

For the most part, the family and the several adult fans and it is a bluey world and we are just living in it. Although the popularity of the bluey was slowly burned off a few years ago and it is clear now that the show has taken over everything. 

Turns out one of the beloved episodes has been much of the time more annoying than the real-time inspiration. Bluey heads may be aware of the episode called tickle crabs in which the bluey and the bingo pretend to be the crabs who mercilessly tickle their parents.

Final thoughts 

So there you have the parents and if you find yourself annoyed by the hyper aspects of the bluey and just now it could be the worst way. Elsewhere in the interview, Brumm addressed the fact that the bluey episode called dad baby has still not been released in the US.


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