Lighting Of The Entrance And Rooms Of A Hotel In Barcelona

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modern round chandelier

Entrance, reception, and room lighting Mercure Alberta Hotel in Barcelona.

We imagine that if you are reading this article, you already know that the reception and the rooms of a hotel are your letters of introduction.

The lighting in these spaces for gathering and resting plays a key role in the creation of comfortable and welcoming hotels, and must always be in keeping with the style of the establishment and the philosophy that it wants to convey.

Our lighting studio participated a few months ago in the renovation of the modern round chandelier of the Mercure Alberta Hotel in Barcelona, ​​an urban, original three-star hotel with a modern and fresh design.


Next, we explain all the details of this exciting hotel lighting project.

Interior lighting project Hotel Alberta Mercure Barcelona

In addition to creating an atmosphere consistent with its essence, lighting in a hotel must:

– Guarantee the comfort of customers.
– Being able to transmit sensations.
– Provide warmth to the different spaces.

This line of action will be key when opting for elements that combine original and exclusive design, with the ability to transform environments and moods, as occurs in restaurant lighting in terms of the balance between aesthetics and efficiency. energetic.

And the above, without forgetting the high functionality and durability of the luminaires, to avoid unexpected breakdowns that hinder the proper functioning of the business, as well as maintenance costs that with good planning you can avoid.

Hotel reception and room lighting

Our studio was in charge of lighting the reception and rooms of the Hotel Mercure Alberta Barcelona, ​​a functional and innovative establishment, located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood.

Joining efforts with the Borrell Arquitectura and Espacio en Blanco studios, we gave shape to this creative, modern, and singular space, which stands out for its fresh, different philosophy and is full of peculiar details.

The current and cosmopolitan essence of the hotel led the designers to choose pieces created by prestigious names in design and lighting.

Versatile lamps, with great strength and personality, that bring play and charisma to the rooms, are designed by lighting firms of the highest level, which combine design with the latest technology.

Along with the above, luminaires were chosen in tune with the decoration and furniture, which would highlight the materials and in turn not distort the colors of the elements that give life to the space.

In addition, it was important to seek harmony with the natural lighting available to the hotel, giving life to a set that radiates coherence and balance.

Lighting the lobby and reception of a hotel

At the Hotel Alberta, the lobby and reception are integrated into the same room.

The space has good natural lighting, coming from a large window facing the emblematic Via Augusta in Barcelona, ​​one of the most important streets in the city.

To complement it, suspended rails were used, with HAITI model LED spotlights.

At the reception, the aim was to create a warm atmosphere, enhancing the counter area. For this reason, suspended lamps with tubular bulbs were placed, designed by the Nordic firm RUBEN LIGHTING, specially designed for the project.

In the lobby, the essential thing was to build a cozy space, enhancing the different corners that make it up: a reading area, a local product store.

Under these very specific premises, gooseneck lamps of the classic JJ model from LEUCOS were strategically installed.

Finally, to illuminate the street canopy, we chose linear warm LED systems, which provide soft and pleasant lighting.

How to illuminate hotel rooms?

The rooms at the Mercure Alberta Hotel stand out for their practical, modern, and functional design.

As you well know, it is in these spaces where the guest mainly seeks rest, privacy, and seclusion.

The bed is the central element, for this reason, versatile luminaires were selected that would enhance the light at this point, but at the same time allow the entire room to be illuminated.

The Tolomeo Parete wall lamps, from the Artemide firm, offer a solution to this need, thanks to their original aluminum design in the form of a gooseneck.

We complement the wall lamps with Grossman Cobra floor lamps, from the prestigious Danish company Gubi, equipped with a flexible tubular arm that can move in any direction, with a 360-degree turn.

Following this line of versatility and avant-garde, Left and Right table lamps, by the German firm Konstantin Slavinski, a pioneer in the creation of design products for everyday life, was installed as reading lamps.

So far this summary explanation of this exciting success story of lighting a unique hotel in Barcelona.

We hope that reading this article has given you good ideas that you can apply.

If you have any questions or need our team to help you with lighting a hotel in Barcelona or any other location, contact us to tell us the details.

Remember that you can register on the blog to receive them periodically, and enter the hotel lighting section of this website to see other examples made by our studio. You may also be interested in following us on the social networks in which Avanluce is present: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

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