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Precautions that Guarantee the Safety of Female Pilgrims During Umrah

by Bilbilay
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Many Muslim women throughout the globe expressed their gratitude to the Saudi authorities for announcing this historic change. For economically and socially disadvantaged women this was a big relief as they often struggle to locate a suitable Mahram. Furthermore, poor and needy women have a harder time doing the pilgrimage due to the financial burden, since they must find some financial resources for the pilgrimage. There are a number of travel agencies in the country that help pilgrims with economy Umrah packages. Such packages are quite helpful for travelers to execute the deed in an affordable price range.

Complete Safety of Women

Saudi Arabia is taking this measure as part of its “Vision 2030,” an initiative aimed at bringing sustainable economic and social growth to the area, with a particular focus on empowering women. Important steps are implemented by the government to guarantee the authorities are acting in accordance with Sharia and to deliver more security to women. The safety of women will be ensured in all public transit settings, including the subway, bus, and airport. The most cutting-edge monitoring infrastructure is now being established to provide a harassment-free zone for women. The cameras will monitor the Masjid Al-Haram, Masjid-e-Nabawi, and other key locations to identify any instances of sexual misbehavior involving women. The government has pledged to do everything it can to ensure that female pilgrims are safe to perform the rituals of Umrah with complete safety.

The advancement of technology in the field of transportation is another reason why women may now do Umrah without a male companion. Unlike in the past, today’s travelers may cross the globe in a matter of hours without worrying about their safety. Women were given special treatment as a result of this line of thinking.

Scholar’s Point of View About Mahram Requirements for Women

When it comes to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about Muslim women traveling to Makkah with their Mahram, scholars from various schools of thought have varied interpretations and perspectives.

Women, according to Hanafi scholars, must accompany their Mahram on the Pilgrimage. When their safety and security are guaranteed, like in the case of performing Umrah in the form of groups. However, experts from other sects and points of view agree that women may perform pilgrimage without a mahram. There are a number of firms that provide women-only Umrah tours, during which they are given VIP treatment and security.

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