Protect your online package from theft

by Bilbilay
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Nowadays, our porches are incredibly crowded. It might be food. For work, sensitive documents, or product samples. It could be a much-anticipated birthday gift or the week’s groceries. Whatever it is, our porches are receiving more deliveries than ever before. And, with so much going on in our everyday lives, we recognize the importance of protecting your deliveries. 

While those improvised solutions may save you some money, they will not spare you from worrying. Even a doorbell camera will not deter burglars but will only add to your frustration as you watch your belongings “walk away,” with nothing you can do to stop them. There is, thankfully, a better way: the led Delivery box Dubai, a lockable, insulated delivery box designed to provide peace of mind since we put the utmost attention into its design. Here’s why it’s the best way to protect your packages.

Materials & Design

It all starts with the materials we use to build the led Delivery box. Specifically, 18-gauge steel coated with rust- and scratch-resistant paint for a structurally robust construction that can withstand repeated wear and tear. The interior composition is equally crucial, with molded foam insulation and a beautiful inner liner to preserve perishables from spoiling. There’s also an easy open drain to remove any liquids for rapid cleaning. There are also ice pack slots that can be put or deleted depending on the type of delivery you expect.


High-Tech Protection

The led Delivery box is both strong and secure. Because a safe is only as fast as its lock, we’ve combined its rugged exterior with a commercial-grade lock and an outdoor-rated digital entry keypad with re-programmability. That means you can create a 4- to 15-digit code to authorize access and update it as needed. It also has an audio alarm as an additional deterrent to theft and vandalism.

In terms of its components, we chose each one with great care. Consider the gas spring struts that open and seal the lid automatically. They open wide in a smooth, silent motion and close slowly to avoid slamming, which might harm deliveries or injure fingers. There are no sharp edges, and we softened the corners throughout the design to protect you and your packages from tears, rips, and injuries.


By emphasizing both style and function, the horizontal design accommodates the most common package sizes while also complementing the décor of your home and the dimensions of most porches and decks. 

First and foremost, safety.

Of course, your family’s safety is more vital than the safety of your deliveries. As a result, each Delivery box includes a glow-in-the-dark internal safety draw. If someone becomes trapped inside, they can use this emergency latch to open the door. We recognize that we are not the first to consider how to secure shipments, but we have done it the best. We put so much consideration into every feature and component of the Delivery box, so you don’t have to. Place it on your front porch and enjoy what you purchase.


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