Rota Management with an Online Shift Planner

rota management

Managers have a lot on their plates when it comes to managing their rotas, from assigning shifts to recording annual leave. That doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile.

Online shift planner can actually boost employee engagement, boost customer satisfaction, and lower monthly wage costs for businesses.

Rota Management with an Online Shift Planner: What Is It?

Employee or team schedules are planned and maintained through roster management, also known as rostering.

When creating and managing work schedules, rota managers must also take into account a variety of other factors, including:

  • Demand from customers
  • Costs and budgets
  • Availability of staff
  • Annual leave is booked or requested.
  • Leaves due to illness and unplanned absences
  • By balancing these factors, rota managers can create schedules that work for everyone, improving the efficiency of their businesses with an online shift planner attracting and retaining employees.

Rota Management with an Online Shift Planner: Why It Matters

Rota management is more than just making sure your staff shows up on time. Your business can benefit from smarter scheduling in the following ways:

  • Improved customer service and operations
  • Your team will be set up for success with a carefully curated rota. Customers will receive the service they expect without being overburdened if just the correct number of employees are rostered on to satisfy demand.
  • Wage bills have decreased.
  • Aside from rent and inventory, one of the most significant ongoing expenses for a firm is labor. Managers can more easily detect chances to remove unneeded shifts (or introduce new ones) by basing rotas on prior sales and shift data.
  • Employees who are more satisfied and engaged

Employees are less likely to become frustrated or fatigued if rotas are designed to take things like their working availability and preference for specific shifts into account. As a result, a happier, more established team stays around for longer, reducing the need for expensive recruitment and training.

Staff are happier, operating costs are lower, and customers receive the service they expect when rota managers take the time to plan and maintain their schedules. For the vast majority of managers, time is an extremely precious resource.

How Can Online Shift Planner Help with Rota Management

Online shift planner, also known as rostering software, makes scheduling and managing staff rotas easier and faster than using spreadsheets or pen and paper.

Managerial Benefits

Managers can automate many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that take up much of their time with online shift planner, allowing them to do things like:

  • Organize shifts for a variety of roles.
  • Directly send rotas to employees’ phones.
  • Changes in schedules can be easily communicated to staff.
  • Control labor costs by setting budget caps.
  • Requests for annual leave should be processed.
  • Payroll reports are based on attendance.

Cloud-based rota management software enables managers to access their accounts from any device, at any time.

Employee Benefits

The use of online shift planner is beneficial not only to managers but also to your employees. Staff can, for example, use a rota management software to:

  • Anytime, anywhere, they can check their rotas.
  • Notifications about shift changes are sent to your mobile device.
  • Take on additional “open” shifts.
  • See their remaining holiday allowance when they request annual leave.
  • Organize shift swaps and cover (with approval from the manager).
  • Mobile clock-in and clock-out

Because employees feel more in control of their work lives when using online shift planner software, employers have reported reduced staff turnover.


The online shift planner is a vital tool for rota management and has transformed the way businesses manage their calendars. This digital tool allows managers to easily create, update, and share rotas, ensuring that all employees are informed of their work schedules ahead of time. With an online shift planner, you can manage employee availability and assign shifts accordingly, reducing scheduling conflicts and overworking individuals. Furthermore, this program provides real-time schedule updates and notifies employees via email or smartphone notifications. Managers can also use the online shift planner to easily check attendance records and generate correct payroll reports. Overall, this novel method streamlines rota administration while improving team communication and efficiency in any firm. 

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