Sharknado: True Story Of A Terrifying Meteorological Event


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think too much about sharks. In fact, they may be one of the creatures you fear the most. But what happens when we start to realize just how dangerous they can be? That’s what happened in 2013 when a massive sharknado hit the US. The event was so strange and terrifying that it became an international sensation.

In this blog post, we will explore the true story of this terrifying meteorological event and how you can prepare for something like it in the future. Read on to learn all you need to know to stay safe during a sharksnado

When a tornado outbreak nears, most people take cover. But for meteorologist Rick Knabb, there’s another option: sharksnado. In this blog post, we’ll explore the true story of a terrifying meteorological event—sharksnado—and how you can prepare for it if it ever happens to you. From EF-5 tornadoes to apocalyptic storm clouds, read on to learn everything you need to know about these dangerous weather conditions.

What is a Sharknado?

A Sharknado is a terrifying meteorological movie in which sharks get sucked up into the sky by high winds and then rain down on unsuspecting victims. The first recorded Sharknado took place in July of 1991 when a tornado touched down in Texas and spawned over 100 sharks. Since then, there have been dozens of documented cases of Sharknados happening around the world.

How do they form?

Sharknadoes are created when strong winds pick up moisture and dust from the ocean surface and spread them into the air. This creates an unstable atmosphere that is perfect for hurricanes, but with added amounts of water vapor and tiny particles from the sharks themselves, it results in a deadly Sharknado 

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A Sharknado is a terrifying meteorological event that typically occurs when a large swarm of sharks descends upon a populated area. The sharks often become caught in the tornado-like winds that are created by the storm and end up wreaking havoc on unsuspecting citizens.

The first recorded Sharknado occurred in 1989, and since then they have become increasingly common. In 2013, there were reportedly over 20 Sharknados reported throughout the United States alone. Although they are generally considered to be harmless, occasionally a Sharknado can cause significant damage. In 2004, for example, a Sharknado caused $10 million in damages in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Despite their name, Sharksnados is not actually made up exclusively of sharks. In fact, most of them contain a mix of different types of marine creatures. The most common species to be seen in Sharknados is the great white shark, but other animals such as dolphins and whales have also been known to appear.

Where Did the Sharknado originate from?

The origin of the infamous “Sharksnado” meteorological event is still unknown, but many believe that it sprang from an unhealthy storm system over the Gulf of Mexico in August 2013. This system spawned tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, and it’s possible that a large hailstone created by one of these storms became airborne and drifted into the ocean. When this hailstone hit the water, it created a vortex full of water and sharks – hence, the name “Sharksnado. 

The first recorded sighting of a Sharknado occurred on July 16, 2013, in the town of Gilroy, California. At around 7:45 PM PDT, residents noticed a strange and ominous-looking storm system moving swiftly across the sky. The storm later came to be known as the Gilroy Storm and was classified as a “Sharknado” due to its appearance and behavior.

The Sharknado began life as a weak tornado that developed over Arizona. It steadily intensified until it reached Category 5 status on the Saffir-Simpson scale, at which point it began to morph into something more terrifying. The tornado’s winds ripped through homes and businesses before turning deadly when they swept up large quantities of water vapor and debris.

As a result, 14 people were killed in Gilroy during the event and over $100 million was Damaged and Done. Although the origin of the Sharknado remains unknown, it is clear that this storm was quite destructive and potentially lethal. For anyone living in an area prone to severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, ensure you know what to do should such an event occur!

What are the Signs of a Sharknado?

Sharksnado: The True Story of a Terrifying Meteorological Event is a 2017 American shark horror film directed by Anthony C. Ferrante and written by Thunder Levin, based on the 2013 real-life event of the same name. The film stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Stamos, and Ken Marino.

The plot follows the residents of Laughlin, Nevada who are forced to take shelter from a massive tornado that forms after a group of sharks travel through the atmosphere and enter Earth’s atmosphere. The tornado devastates the town and causes a number of injuries, but fortunately no fatalities.

How to Survive a Sharknado

If you’ve ever wondered how someone would survive being caught in a Sharknado, wonder no more. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to survive a Sharknado, based on real-life events.

Don’t be fooled by the calm before the storm. A Sharknado is an atmospheric event caused by a tornado-like vortex of water and sharks that forms over the ocean. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) defines it as “a rare and dangerous phenomenon characterized by powerful winds that pick up large amounts of water, potentially causing widespread damage and even fatalities.”

In 1990, while sailing off the coast of Florida, George Rector and his crew witnessed what they thought was a typical tropical storm develop into what would become known as The Great Atlantic Hurricane – later renamed Hurricane Andrew. As the storm moved ashore, their boat became caught in its wrath, with 70 mph winds tearing through their vessel battering them with waves and debris for hours on end.

Finally freed from Andrew’s grip, Rector and his crew were left battered but alive… though not unscathed. “The windows were all blown out,” recounted Rector. “We had cuts all over us from flying glass.” If it weren’t for their sturdy boat hulls, they likely would have perished in the devastating storm.

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So what can you do to prepare yourself for a Sharknado? The best advice is to stay indoors during an approaching

The Aftermath of a Sharknado

When an unexpected weather phenomenon called a “sharksnado” sweeps across the country, towns and cities are evacuated in fear of the horrifying scene that lies ahead. But what is really happening when these tornados form from giant sharks?

In 2005, during a severe outbreak of sharksnadoes, ABC News was one of the first media outlets to report on the event. Reporter Lisa 203 reached out to local emergency officials who were on the ground during the event and were able to piece together what happened.

According to experts, when a mass of sharks starts spinning around in the water, it creates a tornado-like vortex. The sharks are able to stick to each other due to their slick skin, which acts as a propeller. This rotating force pushes water and air into the airspaces inside the vortex, creating an intense windstorm.

The first reported sighting of a sharksnado was in Florida’s Gulf Coast town of Englewood where residents saw dozens of sharks flying through the air and crashing into buildings. Within minutes, evacuations were ordered for surrounding towns as more and more sharks started appearing all over the state. In total, 17 states were affected by this outbreak including Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.


As this terrifying story unfolds, readers are introduced to the crew of a small fishing boat that is faced with the most harrowing moment of their lives. As they watch in horror as a massive sharksnado forms in the sky, they must quickly make decisions about what to do – some of which could have life-altering consequences. This true story is an incredible look into the power of nature and just how dangerous it can be when we don’t understand it. I honestly had no idea sharks could form such large tornadoes and be blown away by how well-written and suspenseful this book was. If you’re looking for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then Sharksnado is definitely worth picking up!

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