The Importance of Local SEO Services

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Digital Marketing has evidently taken up the role of promotions though not entirely. It is more effective, cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Businesses that choose to utilize of the top digital marketing agency in Dubai for their promotion and publicity often do so with robust and unique marketing strategies that have been specially tailored to fit the custom description of their businesses. One such digital marketing strategy is Local Search Engine Optimization.

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What Local SEO is:

Local SEO like its name suggests is a sub-category of the more famous search engine optimization.  It helps your business become visible in higher ranks of local searches on various search engines. Businesses that serve a particular geographical area or have a physical location, can reap the benefits of Local SEO.

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Why the Local SEO is Important for Business:

You might feel that as an owner of a local business, it is of little importance to invest time and money in optimizing your online presence, especially when you have competitors that you can’t seem to surpass no matter what. While that may be true for organic listings, it couldn’t be more untrue for local search.

Whether your business has a physical outlet or caters to a particular political or geographical area, local SEO will enable you to connect better with people in your locality, neighborhood, town, or city. More than 80 percent of customers use Google to learn more about local businesses and to evaluate them.

Significance of Local SEO:

While your target customers may be searching for the products or services you offer, with the ideal and relevant keywords, organic search results will still be populated by famous brands. For instance, you are the owner of a boutique that makes dresses for special occasions and ceremonies. A woman searches for evening gowns for special occasions, that is your ideal customer, and the relevant keywords too. However, the search results shown will not be of you at the top but of the famous brand.

Local SEO lets you appear in the top search results within the local pack, inclusive of useful information i.e. opening hours, contact information, location, ratings, etc. Your customer will be able to see that you are located nearby and can be reached easily, this will enable you to make sales as the target customer plans to visit your store.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Local SEO:

Local SEO offers numerous benefits to those who add it to their digital marketing strategy. While SEO won’t work for you due to the high competition with brands of higher level, local SEO will enable you to appear in the top most search results and build an online presence of your own. Read on to learn why and how choosing Local SEO will result in benefitting you and your business.

1. Improves Online Visibility:

Activities associated with local SEO help you make your online visibility in local searches considerably better and assists you in building a better overall online visibility and presence. Citation building is one of the most common examples of local SEO activities. It involves creating mentions of the name of your company, a physical address, zip code, phone number from the directory, online reviews, profiles on social media, etc.

Local SEO will help you be found by your target audience and the correct time, the people who are really interested in your goods or services, and the exact time when they require the commodities you sell.

2. Earns You benefits of Local Shopping Boom:

In the last few years, we have witnessed that consumer preferences have changed drastically. One of the preferences to have changed is that a majority of consumers now prefer to shop for products that are sourced locally. These days, when the time comes to make a decision on purchasing, consumers are increasingly prioritizing businesses that operate locally.

Local SEO can empower your business to leverage similar shifts in consumer behavior to obtain maximum benefits for your business, by putting you in front of the consumers’ eyes right when they need your services or goods or both.

3. Increases In-store Foot Traffic:

With increased local visibility, you can expect increased foot traffic at your physical store, regardless of the goods or services you offer. With the growing number of people who stop by your store, you can also get the advantage of any buzz created about your store, to get more sales. You can also show how you have innovatively designed your store, invested in specialist equipment, or that your products can be best judged and experienced in person.

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4. Gets You Targeted Web Traffic:

Every minute you spend on unqualified leads that are going to lead nowhere or people who will not end up making a purchase, as a small local business you are losing money every time that happens.

Local SEO will help you separate irrelevant web traffic and cut out the time saps that obstruct you from running your business with maximum efficiency. This helps make sure that your business is visible and findable to the relevant leads and people.

A majority of the search user use Google to research a purchase they intend to make from a physical store. This can be significantly advantageous for your business as it will let you focus your resources and efforts on those customers only.

5. Establishes Thought Leadership Position:

The two core pillars of obtaining local SEO ranking are link building and content marketing, they help you build relevance and prominence. Through these two activities, you can also establish a reputation as an expert and a thought leader in the field you operate in.

Local content marketing naturally revolves around involving and including your local community, discussing your hometown, and talking about your locality. This helps grow your position and voice as an expert, build closer bonds with customers, create stronger links, increase engagement, and establish brand loyalty.

Dedicating time to the creation of inexhaustible resources that are focused locally, will allow you to earn more links back from other locally operating businesses.  Whether these links are from your local newspaper or a site from a specific industry, you will be able to build credibility and authority, strengthening your position as an expert in your field.

6. Enhances Visibility on Google Maps:

Optimization of your Google Business Profile can help you enhance your visibility on Google Maps, this in turn will help you get more calls and in-person visits to your stores from users who have seen your store on Google Maps.

Any optimization on your Google Business profile will serve to aid the visibility of your business on Google Maps, leading to an increase in the number of in-person visits and calls that you receive.

7. Increases the Competitiveness of Your Business:

Benchmarking your competitors and identifying their leverage over you is an important part of creating and refining a custom local SEO strategy for your business. This gives you the opportunity to improve and raise the competitiveness of your business.


Local SEO is a subset of SEO and is a very useful strategy for establishing your local business as a reputable brand and yourself as an expert in your field. Not only does Local SEO help you increase sales and profits, but it also helps you bag the trust of people through good online reviews and ratings. Local SEO Dubai serves to the improvement of conversion rates for your business.

Local SEO does require a lot of resources, time, and effort dedicated to it as it involves content creation and link building as well. However, if you cannot find the time to carry out local SEO on your own, you can always avail yourself of the option of outsourcing.

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