The Ultimate Curvy Girl Summer Guide!

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Curvy Girl

Being curvy means being judged by everyone who looks at you. The looks of pity and disgust are all too common. Despite all of this, curvy girls continue to rock their looks!

Just because mainstream and popular beauty standards prefer girls to be skinny and flat, that is not what girls should aspire to become. Instead, be proud of the beautiful curves that make you, well, You. Despite majorly being ignored by most fast-fashion, and other brands, there are plenty of ways to Fashion For Curvy Girls.

This Curvy Girl Summer Guide is for all the curvy girls who want to get summer-ready!

Finding out your Body Type

The first step to styling for any season is to find out your body type and shape. Curvy is not a body type!


You need to find out if you’re an hourglass, a pear, an apple, an inverted triangle, or any other shape. This will help you figure out how to dress.

  • The Triangle or The Pear

People with triangular body shapes will have narrow shoulders compared to their hips. Everything in between, such as the chest and waist, will be narrow as well.

  • The Inverted Triangle or The Apple

It is the opposite of a triangle shape if it is not obvious. The shoulders are wide, and so is the chest. The waist becomes narrower. An inverted triangle may have an even narrower hip or in line with the waist.

  • The Rectangle

This is where the shoulders, waist, and hips are approximately similar in width and look the same.

  • Oval Shape

Small hips and shoulders signify an oval body shape with a large waist.

  • The Hourglass

The most popular of all body shapes manifest as wide shoulders and hips with a tiny waist.


None of these body shapes is set in stone. They are just reference points to help with dressing. A triangle and a pear, although similar, can also look different. In addition to this, body shapes change as you become curvy. The areas where your curves increase shows your body shape.

At the end of the day, all shapes are beautiful. With this out of the way, let us take a look at the best Fashion For Curvy Girls.

The Pear or The Triangle

The Shoulder

Wide or puffy shoulders are ideal for this body shape. Outfits with frilly or puffy shoulders will balance wide hips and small shoulders.

The Neck

It is best to opt for boat necks or other fuller necklines. A narrow v-neck or a round neck may make the shoulders appear even narrower.


Bootcut, wide legs, and bell bottoms with a high waist are best for pear-shaped bodies.


Well-fitted clothes are the best option for pear-shaped curvy babes. Looks like clothes are only going to hide all the gorgeous curves and poetry, a shabby facade.


For pear-shaped beauties, the higher the waist, the better it is going to look. Midi skirts are a complete no-no! Either go long or short, but not in between. Not to forget, full-length skirts and dresses will elevate your pear shape to a whole other level.

The Inverted Triangle or The Apple

The Shoulder

Keep the shoulders simple and basic. More flare will simply make it look wider.

The Neck

Deep V-necks, turtlenecks with blazers, and wider necklines are better suited. Avoid necklines too close to the base of the neck.


Go for wide legs and boot cuts. The wider the bottom of the trouser, the smaller they will look on you. Avoid skinny and straight at all costs! Wider skirts and midi skirts should be our go-to.


Try to avoid full-length dresses if you can. Looser fits will look good if paired with a skirt, shirt, and blazer. Tight fits are a no-go unless the top is fitted and the bottoms are loose.

Key Points:

The A-line cuts are not for you. Midi-length skirts and trousers will be ideal for your body type. Consider skirts as they can be very appealing for the Apple shape. Avoid belts and low-waist outfits as well.

Dressing for The Oval Shape

The Shoulder

Padded shoulders, capes, and even shoulderless are your best friends! The best part about being an oval is the options you have!


Wide belts and mid-waist outfits are the best options for you. Avoid high waist and fitting outfits if the bottom of your outfit is fitted as well. Balance is key here.


Bootcut and other wide-leg pants and jeans will work great. Straight cuts and a-line skirts are other great options.


Any outfit should not be too tight or too loose. A perfectly fit outfit works best for oval shapes.

Key Points:

Capes, large bell sleeves, bishops sleeves, and similar types will work great on an oval body shape. Midi skirts and other skirts that are not tight are other great options.

Best Outfits for HourGlass

The Shoulder

Most shoulder types will work for hourglass as the waist balances out the rest. Blazers, however, work best with padded shoulders and shorter lengths. Off-shoulder dresses may make your shoulders look wider.

Dress Cuts

Avoid loose, a-line cuts at all costs. Fitted dresses work much better. A high waist and even an empire waist will work well. Belts work great with dresses.


Wide-leg trousers with a high waist should be the go-to. Avoid skinny jeans, as they can make your legs look shorter and stick-thin. Long skirts with high slim waists and circle-cut skirts work well.

Key Points:

Dresses, especially full-length, work best for hour-glass curvy girls. Next to dresses, skirts are a great option. Trousers and jeans are bearable only if they fit the criteria mentioned above. At any rate, stick to skirts and dresses this summer!

The Conclusion

With the Curvy Girl Summer Guide coming to an end, let us take a minute to remember that we’re all beautiful. Size, colour, and shape do not matter. As long as you’re confident, you will look your best.

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