Top 10 Tips Offering Cheap Essay Writers for Students

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With higher education expenses increasing absurdly, students have to deal with immense financial stress. Research suggests that almost seven out of ten essay help lose sleep thinking about managing their personal finances. After all, tuition fees, living costs, and household expenses take a significant chunk out of monthly savings.

Since most students have to take up part-time jobs to afford their day-to-day lives, they barely get the time to study and work on their assignments. Since the academic competition has also reached new heights, it is vital that you don’t let your grades fall if you want to secure a well-paying job right after graduation. So, the best solution is pretty evident.

Since the demand for professionals offering essay writing guidance has recently increased, you’ll not fall short of websites providing such services at affordable prices. However, always remember the first cardinal rule about navigating the internet: do NOT trust anything blindly.

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Problems Students Encounter with Essay Writing Services

Personally, I’d refrain from picking the cheapest service without a second thought, even if I’m in a financial crunch, because you never know whether they’ll compromise quality for affordability. I’ve had several students recount their experiences of receiving poor-quality writing and plagiarised content. In many instances, they won’t even receive their papers until well past the deadline.

Considering all these issues, students usually give up the thought of hiring any professional expert to help with their essays. After all, it’s a toss-up between not being able to afford food and poor grades.

Finding a cheap essay writer who not only charges the bare minimum for providing assistance but genuinely cares about the paper quality is like finding a needle in a haystack. But luck is in your favour because I’ve compiled a list of the ten best essay-writing websites offering affordable yet quality services.

  1. Assignment has gained significant prominence in Singapore after it was revealed that almost 90% of the students hiring this service had improved their academic performance. While the website isn’t restricted to providing essay writing services, you won’t have any room for complaints. The writing is extremely detailed, and the experts also provide free proofreading and plagiarism checks.

  1. began its journey focusing primarily on essays. Most of the writers on this website have completed their PhDs and have a stellar academic reputation to back them up. Their skills are evident when you review the essay samples available on the website. The website also offers a discount of $10 when you share your requirements with their chat executives.


If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable coursework help service in Australia, should always be at the top of your list. The website has over 5000 PhD experts and over a decade of experience assisting students with their papers. Yet, the experts have rarely crossed deadlines without providing valid reasons.

  1. is one of the most reputable homework assistance websites in the USA, where you can book one-on-one sessions with live tutors to improve your essay writing skills. Even though these sessions are personalized according to each student’s specific needs, the website doesn’t charge additional fees for such customizations.


The UK is known for the high standards of academics maintained by the top institutes in the country. Hence, websites like are a breath of fresh air. After going through the essay samples available on the website, it’s apparent that the papers undergo multiple rounds of quality checks since I couldn’t detect a single error.

  1. has over 3000 PhD scholars who can tackle even the most complex of essay topics without breaking a sweat. Instead of copying sections from various sources, the writers focus on providing unique and original content. They also attach free plagiarism reports with every delivered essay to prove its authenticity.

  1. is the #1 essay writing website in the USA. Since higher education in the USA is undoubtedly the most expensive, the website offers a dynamic pricing system where the price you’ll have to pay depends on the complexity of the paper, your academic level and deadline duration. This is a good initiative to ensure students don’t have to pay excessive flat charges.

  1. offers live tutoring sessions with some of the most reputable academic scholars. The experts also provide complimentary proofreading and editing services. According to students who have hired before, the sessions cover the fundamentals of essay writing, tips and suggestions to avoid plagiarism and choose unique topics, proofreading hacks, etc. They are very informational, and you can also attend the free Q&A session to resolve further queries.

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The essay providers at have a stellar reputation in the student community for providing top-quality essays. Based on what I could gather from students, the essays are customized according to the instructions provided. So, whether you have any specific formatting or referencing requests, the experts always follow them to the T. also offers free revision sessions if the experts fail to stick to the guidelines.

  1. has over 4000 essay experts with years of experience providing college and university-level essays. Whether you’re looking for help with a descriptive or a narrative essay, you’re sure to find the best assistance from some of the leading essay-writing experts in the world only on The writers are extremely professional and always encourage communication with the client to ensure they can deliver top-quality writing.

Summing it up,

Affordability is one of the most significant factors you must consider when hiring any essay writing service, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Usually, several websites offering such services either take advantage of students’ desperation and overcharge or attract students with dirt-cheap prices and provide sub-par services.

Therefore, finding websites that balance the two and offer quality services at affordable prices can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, the ten websites I’ve highlighted in this blog have consistently provided quality essay writing assistance without overcharging students. But remember to conduct your own research before choosing any of them.

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