Top 7 Hair Removal Techniques that You Must Know

Hair Removal Techniques

Are you constantly struggling with the unbearable amount of unwanted hair growth on your body? Well, it’s a generic problem with around 90% of women worldwide. While we can’t restrict natural hair growth, there are ways to combat it instantly, especially when you have somewhere important to go. 

When considering the options, you must ponder over the desired outcomes and your expectations. In addition, it’s vital to check the convenience level of the method you’re opting for. Recently laser hair removal in Dubai has replaced painful razors. 

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Let’s determine some more methods and help you choose the best one.

1. Plucking Tools

Although plucking or tweezing might be harsh, it’s a good option if you don’t experience intense hair growth. Whether reshaping your eyebrows or pulling a few hairs strays off the face, it’s a go-to technique when you’re in a rush. Yet, it’s useful in other situations as well. You shouldn’t use it for larger body parts as it may cause ingrown hair or scarring. Luckily, the pain and redness quickly vanished after a few minutes.

2. Depilatory Cream

There’s a reason why hair removal creams are becoming popular. Cheap, easy, and quick to apply, depilatory cream is the busy girl’s fuzz-free solution. It’s a chemical compound that dissolves the protein bonds that help keep the hair shafts attached to the skin. Depilatory cream is ideal if you’re afraid of razor burns or ingrown hairs. However, you must read the label carefully as some are only made for specific body parts and not the entire body.

3. Epilating Method

It involves a device with rotating tweezers to pluck hair from the root; epilating is quite a complicated yet workable method. Compared to other approaches, the method is quite tricky and requires utmost proficiency since it’s time-consuming. But removing unwanted hair will become easier once you get the hang of it. Unlike plucking, you can opt for this method for detailed and efficient hair removal that lasts longer than you expected. In addition, you can implement it on most areas of the body, including the face, legs, and arms.

4. Waxing  

It’s one of the oldest but most commonly used hair removal techniques you must be already familiar with. The method incorporates wax applied to the hairy skin in the growth direction. Once the wax hardens, the cosmetician pulls it off in the opposite direction of growth. With this technique, you can remove the entire hair shaft from the roots, which is why it might take some time for the hair to grow back.

5. Sugaring 

Sweet sugaring is a way to smooth and sleek legs and has been used as a natural hair removal technique for centuries. Using sugar, water, and lemon juice paste removes the hair from the roots. If you’re not up for waxing, sugaring is a great alternative, as its less painful and lasts longer. Moreover, the sugaring paste doesn’t stick to the hairy skin like wax, so it’s less likely to irritate. Since there’s no need to heat the sugar before the application, it’s much less messy. Go for sugar if you want to avoid harsh chemicals or save on cash.

6. Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal has been on the radar for a few years now. It has almost outpaced all the traditional techniques with its outcomes. It’s a medical procedure that utilizes Lasik light to target the follicles. After heating the follicles, it damages the cells that promote hair growth. Once the process is completed, the possibilities of regrowth are incredibly lower.

There are some professional clinics, such as The Nova Clinic in Dubai, that prefer creating customized hair removal sessions for you as per your budget.

7. Bleaching Hair 

Technically bleaching hair isn’t a hair removal technique, but it’s a way to conceal the appearance of hairs on the skin. For this, a cream bleach is applied till the hair changes its color and goes lighter so that it’s not visible on your skin anymore. Fortunately, the method is enduring and nearly painless, as there’s no pulling. Furthermore, the bleached skin looks less pigmented as it evens the skin tone. 

Final Thoughts

It might not be news, but hair removal isn’t complex or impossible. It’s just a way of dealing with the phase that nature throws at us. Now that you’ve multiple options, selecting the best one that suits your perquisites and budget is easy. Good luck with the selection! 

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