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Top Fashion YouTubers in India (2023)

Fashion YouTubers in India

by Bilbilay
indian Fashion YouTubers

Fashion has a very rich history and heritage. It is as old as civilization itself. Fashion in itself is a living element. It constantly grows, mutates, evolves, and redesigns itself. We have embraced fashion as an integral part of our life.

Humans have designed and accepted fashion on the basis of various factors like topographical situations, availability of key resources, inclination towards various preferable elements, physical structure, gender, etc. 

In the contemporary world, there are various factors that directly affect fashion and decide its course. Among the various factors, the most important is social media. Social media platforms offer various ways to showcase fashion and help in its evolution.

Ordinary citizens of the world are busy with their activities and are struggling to keep up with world fashion trends. The good news is, with the mass piercing of social media they are able to acquire the latest trend and styles. One of the favored platforms is YouTube. Youtube provides a platform to view videos and  Fashion YouTubers and fashion enthusiasts are leveraging the benefits for social as well as personal good. 

Who are Fashion YouTubers?

Fashion YouTubers employ their creativity in various fashion niches and try to create new and dynamic fashion styles. They create videos regarding clothing and apparel, jewelry, footwear, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, etc.

Fashion YouTubers’ success credit goes to their subscriber base. The subscribers watch fashion YouTuber’s videos and utilize them in their day-to-day life, thereby making fashion mainstream and bringing a lot of popularity to the fashion YouTubers.

Types of fashion YouTube channels

Fashion YouTube channels talk about various topics. On the basis of the topics the fashion YouTubers channels have been classified into:

  • Clothing and apparel:  The channel and Youtuber are dedicated to clothing and apparel. The various styles of wearing clothes, new clothing styles, types of clothes, etc are discussed here.
  • Jewellery:  Jewellery is a very important segment of the whole fashion landscape. It multiplies the overall persona of the person embracing. 
  • Footwear:  Footwear is one of the most diverse areas in fashion. Footwear comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Irrespective of gender there is a lot of variety and every day something new is born. 
  • Makeup and hairstyle:  Makeup and hairstyle is the first visual element that one person notices in another. It can change the whole persona and aura of the person embracing it. 

The best influencer marketing company in India has created a list of top 10  fashion YouTubers. 

List of Top Fashion YouTubers in India 

  1. Shruti Arjun anand
  2. Trisha Paul
  3. Karron Dhingra
  4. Megha Bahuguna
  5. Komal Pandey
  6. Sejal Kumar
  7. Arshia Moorjani
  8. Rishi Arora
  9. Ranveer Allahbadia
  10. Kritika Khurana
Top 10 Fashion Youtubers in India
  • Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti Arjun Anand identifies herself as a fashion enthusiast, fashion creator, entertainer, and comedian. She started her channel on 22 Jan 2010 and now her channel garnered 2.4 Billion views. She aims to create happy hours for her 10.1 million subscribers.

Shruti Arjun Anand actively creates vlogs on fashion, lifestyle, and comedy. Her content revolves around family, friends, comparisons, situations, etc. She has created her playlists which contain videos about Crazy hacks, Hair care, Skin care, makeup, School stories, etc. 

  • Trisha Paul

Trisha Paul identifies herself as a beauty vlogger, fashion enthusiast, and lifestyle YouTuber. She is one of the top India Fashion YouTubers. She joined YouTube on 25 Feb 2016 and till now her fashion Youtube channel has 358 million views. She creates vlogs for fashion and beauty. Her video about Aloe Vera has more than 58 million views.

Trisha Paul has created her playlist about home decor, easy makeup, hair care, skin care, DIYs, weight lose, etc. She has garnered a subscriber base of 2.48 million through her 673 videos.

  • Karron Dhingra

Karron Dhingra is a fashion enthusiast and men’s fashion and grooming expert. He actively creates on various topics like hair loss, hair care tips, home remedies, skin routine, Indian wear, styling, fashion mistakes, etc. he created his fashion YouTube channel on 19 Jan 2017 and now his channel has 2.4 billion views.

Karron Dhingra is one of the top Indian fashion Youtubers who focuses on creating content around menswear, grooming, and luxury clothing. He has created playlists and highlighted important topics on his fashion YouTube Channels such as Overall development, men’s personal problems, fitness, hair, skin, etc.

  • Megha Bahuguna

Megha Bahuguna is a fashion creator, fashion enthusiast, and fashion and lifestyle vlogger. She is among  top fashion YouTubers in India. She creates videos for her 1.44M subscriber base. She created her Fashion Youtube channel on 1 Dec 2017 and now her channel has more than 200 Million views. 

Megha Bahuguna through her playlists talks about various topics like Travel, fashion under budget, Inside my wardrobe, Look Recreate, Skincare, Indian fashion basics, Festive, etc. She creates videos in every genre of fashion and lifestyle. 

  • Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey identifies herself as an Indian fashion YouTuber, fashion enthusiast, and content creator. She posts about various topics related to Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, makeup, etc. She identifies her whole subscriber base of 1.3 Million as her family. She created her fashion YouTube channel on 27 Aug 2017 and till now has garnered 220 million views. 

Komal Pandey has been featured on scoop whoop, The Viral Fever, Femina, filter copy, etc. Her playlist on her fashion YouTube channels contains Saree videos, Komal  Styles, Personal And Honest videos, Relatable fun content, etc.

  • Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar has various accolades to her name, like the Fashion Account of the Year award in 2018, the Instagrammer of the Year award in 2019, the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Award in 2019, etc. She identifies herself as a fashion creator and fashion enthusiast. She created her fashion Youtube channel on 14 Aug 2012 and now her channel has 292 Million views.

Sejal Kumar features in the top Indian fashion YouTubers list. She has curated her playlist as Sejal original music, Fashion Basics, Quarantine binge, Mumbai v/s Delhi, Indian Outfits, haircare & hairstyles, Makeup, skincare, Outfit from scratch, etc. 

  • Arshia Moorjani

Arshia Moorjani loves to share her fashion and beauty tips and tricks with her 443K subscribers. She identifies herself as a beauty and fashion creator. She started her fashion youtube channel on 31 Jan 2013 and till now her channel has garnered 62M views. Her content revolves around various skin types, fashion, and lifestyle.

Arshia Moorjani has earlier worked as makeup artist and editor for Cosmopolitan India. Till now she has created 613 videos about various topics like DIYs, Product reviews, makeup tutorials, Lipsticks for skin types, and monthly favourites. 

  • Rishi Arora

Rishi Arora’s fashion youtube channel “Be Ghent” is all about Indian men’s lifestyle and fashion. He identifies himself as a fashion enthusiast and fashion creator. He is one of the top men’s fashion YouTubers in India. He started his youTube channel on 23 March 2017 and now he has garnered 72 million views. 

Rishi Arora has a subscriber base of 1.09 million and he has uploaded 383 videos about various topics like Fashion brand reviews and comparisons, winter styling and grooming, fashion challenges, grooming, etc. 

  • Ranveer Allahbadia 

Ranveer Allahbadia started his fashion YouTube channel in 2017 as a fashion creator and soon evolved a top Indian fashion YouTuber in India.  This Indian fashion Youtuber has been featured on Forbes’s 30 under 30 lists. His channel Beerbiceps is one of the top fashion YouTube channels in India. He creates content on various genres and topics.

Ranveer Allahbadia has created a playlist on fashion and grooming and it consists of Fashion, Men’s Grooming, Personality Development, Fashion Bhaiya returns, etc. 

  • Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is one of top Indian fashion youTubers. She identifies herself as a fashion designer and fashion enthusiast. She has dedicated her fashion YouTube channel as a one-stop destination for all fashion updates. She joined the YouTube platform on 2 Aug 2014 and till now she has a subscriber base of 802K. 

Kritika Khurana as top fashion YouTuber in India ensures that her subscribers get top-notch content. For that, she created a playlist that consists of glowing and growing with K, Shop with Kritika, Travel, Vlogs, Hauls, etc. She has been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

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