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Understand YouTube’s Monetization Algorithm In 2023 to Earn More

by Bilbilay

YouTube’s algorithm is the reason behind recommending the videos to the viewers and presenting them with channels that match their interests. Any creator, established or newbie needs to make their content compatible with the latest YouTube algorithm update if they want their content to reach their audience. Hence it is always the best practice to keep looking for the changes in YouTube’s algorithm and adjust your pace accordingly. The more you understand these changes the more advanced you become in targeting the right viewers.

In this post, we will learn more about YouTube’s algorithm and its role in the past years. We will then end it with some heavenly tips to make sure you always stay ahead in the game as a creator on this amazing platform.

Let’s get going.

YouTube’s Algorithm And Its History

It was the year 2005 when the algorithm was first brought to play by YouTube. Since then YouTube has updated it several times because it has been a huge success. The algorithm worked well by filtering out the content and delivering only what is relevant to the audience. Hence it can be said that with every update the user experience got better and better.

To understand the algorithm history better, let’s dive deeper and find out how each year rolled out for YouTube, starting from 2005.

2005-2012 (When It Was All About Views)

In the beginning, and for the next seven years, YouTube’s main factor for prioritizing content was all about views or a number of clicks. The more clicks a video got, the more YouTube recommended it and saw it as significant.

However, this approach of YouTube was soon corrupted by creators as they focused more on tricking viewers for the sake of views.

This also made the viewers leave the platform and YouTube noticed a decline in its user base. Afterward, YouTube identified the issue and brought the first change in its algorithm.

2012 (More Watch Time Became Important)

To make their approach work, YouTube brought a new policy in which videos with more watch time or high engagement rate were given priority. This made YouTube believe that users will only stop watching a video for a long time if the video is actually relevant.

This mission was somehow successful, but then the creators who wanted just views played other tricks and they increased the video span to keep the viewers engaged. YouTube was again not able to provide a quality user experience.

Also in 2014, YouTube has launched YouTube Red (currently It’s YouTube Premium) which help users to watch their favourite videos uninterrupted by ads for better user experience.

2016 (The Mystery Of Machine Learning)

In 2016, YouTube did something strange and it introduced machine learning to refine user experience. This time YouTube was all about viewer satisfaction for which it started receiving surveys from the users. It also understood their experience by measuring their likes, dislikes, and shares. YouTube also released a whitepaper in which it described the inner workings and depth of its algorithm.

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This way YouTube became more about the experience of every single user instead of focusing on the videos that got a high number of youtube video views in the past. After implementing the machine learning tactic, YouTube also noticed their progress as the majority of the viewers started to spend time on the recommended videos.

2016-2022 (When YouTube Became More Strict)

At the beginning of 2016, YouTube became more strict in its approach and the algorithm became more serious. YouTube started focusing on borderline content to ensure its reduction. Borderline content is such content that comes within the boundaries of YouTube but might still be misleading or harmful.

This impacted creators majorly and pushed them to create their content more mindfully, or else they had to face penalties like stopping their YouTube studio monetization.

The Role Of YouTube Monetization Algorithm In 2023

Today, YouTube’s main aim is to make the right recommendations to the viewers and to keep them engaged in the platform for longer. Hence the YouTube Rules 2023 now focus on inspecting the users’ behavior on the platform and customizing their experience accordingly.

As a creator, you will get the audience as per the comments in your videos, the watch time, and the overall quality of the engagement. It will also be affected by the metadata you provide such as the video’s title, description, and keywords.

As for a user, YouTube recommends videos based on its performance analytics and also the search history of a user. This allows YouTube to attract viewers for a longer watch time, and go through as many ads as possible which works in the platform’s favor and users’ as well.

This way, YouTube’s main aim of the year is to create a win-win situation for both the viewer and the platform itself while benefitting the content creators.

Now, let’s see how you can make the YouTube algorithm work in your favor to produce more engagement on your videos.

Tips to make YouTube Monetization to your favor in 2023

Do Fill Up A Proper Video Description Every Time

Do not take the video description lightly as it is something that can make or break a deal. Put your video description wisely as this will set the pace for further promotion of your video. Take some time and create a description that is SEO-Optimized and states clearly what the video is about. Remember that by doing this, you are introducing the algorithm to your content.

Use clear descriptions and mention keywords that viewers may search to find similar videos in your segment.

Regularly Upload And Be In The Good Books Of YouTube

YouTube loves you when you post not just relevant content but also when you post regularly. Regular updates keep your audience engaged and you gradually gain credibility in your field. This also helps you increase subscribers as YouTube recommends your content to more and more viewers.

Show consistency, prepare enough material to deliver it to the world and you will do fine with the algorithm. Simultaneously, it is always a good idea to try a YouTube alternative channels and keep posting your content there as well.

There are many fine channels that work great as alternatives such as GUDSHO, Vimeo, Twitch, Patreon etc.

Next, Prioritize Title And Thumbnail

Metadata is “the” most important thing as this will help you tremendously with being visible in the search engine. Optimize your video with a title and thumbnail so the algorithm can understand your content. It also motivates the viewers to click on your video before they start watching it.

No matter how perfect your content is, if you can’t attract your viewers to click your video, your effort are getting wasted. You should also put keywords in the title or inside the thumbnail.

Make Your Content Engaging

Bounce rate is the next thing you should work on. This means that a viewer should spend more time watching your video or exploring your other videos rather than leaving your channel within a few seconds.

Hence even if you know how to make the viewers click your video, you should also know how to keep them engaged. This can only happen when you provide them with quality content or in simple words your video should solve their problem as it claims in the title. Do not mislead the viewers as it will only take you downhill.

Wrapping Up

YouTube’s algorithm is progressing every day and its main aim is to increase user engagement. As a creator, it is your responsibility to deliver the relevant content without including any trickery. In the end, the more compatible you are with the algorithm, the more it helps you grow.

So be smart, keep following the YouTube partner program updates while following the above-mentioned tips, and keep creating like a rockstar.

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