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UniCharts Vs Solismed: What to Consider?

by tishaali721
UniCharts Vs Solismed

Software may be useful for medical practitioners who need to reduce administrative burden at their clinic. There are other options, such as Solismed and UniCharts, which are well-known software for clinical analysis. This article will cover many aspects that can help you choose between the two. It will also compare the prices of UniCharts and Solismed, to help you make your final decision.

UniCharts EMR Software:

UniCharts are electronic medical records (EMRs) designed for the following:

  • Primary Care Physicians,
  • consultants, and
  • small clinics.

It can be used by practitioners to refill notes, charts and recommendation letters. You can create custom charts, excuse letters and patient bills as well as reports. UroCharts EHR are customizable to suit the needs of different medical disciplines. You can find primary care, neurology and pain management as well as general surgery, cardiology, urology and other medical disciplines.

Multiple patient charts can be edited simultaneously by one user. They may also be emailed to other medical professionals. Information such as history, interactions, and demographics are all part of the patient screen.

UniCharts Features:


UniCharts EMR software has a scheduling function. You can schedule appointments that last between fifteen and ninety minutes. You can also schedule concurrent appointments and smaller sessions. A personalized planner allows you to find and book patients’ appointments. You can track their history including allergies, symptoms and past and current.

Easy Implementation:

UniCharts EMR software was designed to be flexible and easy to use. The software can be modified to meet your specific needs. The software allows for sharing common patient data between many providers. This software can be used for different medical specialties.

After you have chosen an Centricity EMR system, it is easy to implement it within a few days. It is available as a browser-based software solution. This makes it easy to set up and use. To set it up and use it, all you need is an Internet connection. The system can be customized to meet your practice’s needs once it is implemented.

Fully Customizable:

UniCharts EMR software can be customized in many ways. You can enter up to three different IDs and choose which ones will appear on which printed documents. This flexibility is important if you have to include DEA or state license numbers in prescriptions. These IDs can be hidden from printed documents to allow you to easily adapt the software to your practice’s needs.

UniCharts Pricing:

UniCharts pricing structure relies on two modules.

  • Standard UniCharts EMR

The EMR Standard model costs $850 and includes four keys. It has all the features physicians need to run a smooth clinic.

  • Annual Support

The license key provides the first year of support. Additional years are available at an additional cost.

UniCharts Reviews:

The Unicharts review found that the interface design is intuitive and easy to use. It displays customer-specific profiles. It allows users to understand and learn more about the details. Software can also handle complex functions such as patient visits with precision.

Solismed EMR Software:

Solismed is a system for managing clinic practices. It simplifies patient scheduling, insurance filing, record keeping, accounting, and record-keeping. An integrated dashboard displays communication, appointments, timestables and other information. The patient portal allows for communication, billing, scheduling, and in-platform communication. It can generate supply, financial, and patient reports.

While the self-hosted option can be used for free, the cloud-hosted one is charged extra. Although it is HIPAA compliant, you will need to follow the instructions on how to use it.

Solismed Features:

Appointment Scheduling:

Sending out reminders can help you to remember missed appointments. Notifying patients and physicians about upcoming appointments. To ensure patients arrive on time, you can personalize reminder emails. With a customized dashboard, you can manage cancellations, skips, reschedules, and emergency appointments.


It allows you to access the digital file of your patient files, which is essential for high-quality treatment delivery. It helps to quickly identify accurate records and develop a treatment plan. It allows secure communication between providers, lab workers, administrators, and laboratory workers. Administrators can quickly review and modify default data to ensure that patient records are up-to-date. To reduce duplication and error rates, personalized templates may also be useful.


Electronic systems allow for individual patient prescriptions to be written, edited and reviewed electronically. This eliminates any mistakes that could have been avoided. Automated tests may be run to check for possible medication interactions and allergies. It is a perfect automation tool that will save you time and make it easier to talk with pharmacies. It can help you understand:

  • pharmaceutical instructions,
  • dosage amounts,
  • requests for refills, and
  • in-advance authorizations.

Medical Billing:

By combining patient information and policy data, you can automate the production of superbills. For correcting handwritten errors, electronic patient charts may be helpful. Also, missing information and rejected claims.

Solismed Pricing:

Solismed EMR pricing starts at $50 per month. The monthly e-Prescribing fee is $100 Prospective customers can also download a free version. The software is free to download and users can decide if it suits their needs.

You can experience Solismed in action to get a sense of its capabilities. It also contains all documentation. It includes a login area for staff to manage healthcare operations, and a portal for patients.

Solismed Reviews:

Solismed EMR reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Solismed EMR is well-received by the majority of its users. The software is well-structured.

Solismed EMR has one major drawback: it doesn’t offer mobile apps. There is also no support for medical administrative records or meaningful use certification.

UniCharts vs. Solismed — Concluding Thoughts:

UniCharts EMR, a multi-specialty and multi-location electronic medical records system, is available. It can be customized to your specifications.

Solismed is a free system that manages clinics for independent practitioners. It automates your company processes and makes it easier to complete tasks.

UniCharts, Solismed and other tools are effective for practice management. Each software has received positive reviews. It is highly recommended that you view their demos before you make a decision. This will allow you to compare the features and functions of each software. When making a decision between the two programs, it is important to consider their pricing.

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