Top Places to Visit in Armenia to Make Your Trip Memorable

Top Places Visit in Armenia

Armenia is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination thanks to its tiny size and intriguing culture. With Mount Ararat’s summit dominating the landscape, Armenia, the first country to make Christianity its official religion, offers some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery.

Armenians hold Ararat in high regard since the Bible refers to it as the spot where Noah’s Ark touched down. The mountain represents Armenia despite the fact that its peak is only a few miles from the Turkish border. Here, are many places to visit in Armenia.

Armenia is home to several magnificent monasteries, many of which are placed in breathtakingly gorgeous settings. Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, is among the cities in Europe with the greatest growth as the nation continues to promote tourism.

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Top must-see location in Armenia:

1. Yerevan

Yerevan, the largest and capital city of Armenia, is a fantastic site to start your exploration. The city is home to the spectacular Republic Square, and visiting the monument commemorating the Soviet victory in World War II requires climbing the Cascade.

You must visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, a city with a rich history, to learn more about the country’s troubled past. A walk through the Hrazdan Gorge and a visit to the weekend-only Vernissage market are both highly recommended.

Day trips from Yerevan, known as the “City of Cafes,” are a practical way to take advantage of most of what Armenia has to offer.

2. Shikahogh State Reserve

Shikahogh State Reserve, Armenia’s second-largest forest reserve, is so undeveloped that many areas are yet untouched. The forest is reported to be home to a variety of species, including leopards, bears, wild goats, and vipers, though its flora has not yet been well investigated.

Shikahogh State Reserve is thought to include 1,100 different plant species. The reserve was in danger in 2005 due to a proposed motorway, but environmental organisations were able to secure protection for the forest’s future. The reserve also has a number of magnificent waterfalls.

3. Lake Sevan

When visiting Armenia, tourists should explore Lake Sevan, which is the country’s biggest lake. The Sevanavank Monastery, arguably the most impressive of the stunning monasteries in the area, offers a gloriously picturesque backdrop to a leisurely drive.

The lake offers a variety of leisure pursuits, such as windsurfing, along with a wide range of excellent seafood eateries directly on its shore.

Armenia doesn’t have a coastline, but Lake Sevan is the ideal spot to sunbathe in the country because of its many well-liked beaches. Awe-inspiring scenery may also be seen in Sevan Bay and the mountains that surround it.

4. Dilijan National Park

Armenia has four national parks, with Dilijan National Park perhaps being the most breathtaking of the magnificent group. The freshly established park, which was established in 2002, is well-known for both its natural monuments and its healing mineral water springs.

Many of Armenia’s most important cultural landmarks, such as the Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank Monastery, Jukhtak Vank, and Akhnabat Church, are located on the park’s grounds. Additionally, the basins of the rivers Aghestev and Getik are a part of the Dilijan national park’s boundaries.

5. Mount Aragats

One of Armenia’s most breathtaking natural landmarks is the dormant volcano Mount Aragats, which is located in the country’s northern area. The region near its base is covered in hundreds of years’ worth of old paintings of animals and human-like shapes, and it is the tallest peak in Armenia.

It is possible to climb Mount Aragats even though it is almost constantly covered in snow; the ideal times to do so are in the months of July, August, and September.

The northern peak, which soars to a height of roughly 4,000 metres, is the most challenging of the four summits to scale.

6. Lake Arpi

While Lake Sevan can become extremely crowded during the peak travel seasons, Lake Arpi is much cosier. Lake Arpi, which is also used for irrigation and hydropower production, is where the Akhurian River begins. In order to protect the region’s natural ecology, which is home to over 100 different bird species. A brand-new park was established around the lake in 2009.

Lake Arpi is a Ramsar Convention-protected site with a variety of plants and animals. A couple of Lake Arpi’s leisure choices are camping and walking trips. One of the largest Armenian Gull colonies can be found there.

7. Noravank

Monasteries are one of Armenia’s defining characteristics, and Noravank is home to some of the country’s most breathtaking examples. The monastery, built in the 13th century, is shielded by angular cliffs that are brick-red in colour.

The Astvatsin (Holy Mother of God) church in Noravank is well-known, and according to mythology, God himself intervened to save the monastery hundreds of years ago when the Mongols conquered Armenia.

If you could only visit one monastery while in Armenia, Noravank would be a sensible choice because it receives a large number of people every year.

8. Gyumri

Anyone travelling to Armenia for the first time should make sure to visit Gyumri, the country’s second-largest city. Perhaps the best place to view Gyumri’s sights is from the Black Fortress, which is perched on a hill overlooking the city. The enormous Mother Armenia statue is also nearby.

The Sergey Merkurov House-Museum, the Aslamazyan Sisters House-Museum, and the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and National Architecture of Gyumri are just a few of the important cultural institutions that can be found in Gyumri.

The oldest neighbourhood in Gyumri is the Kumayri Ancient District, which contains approximately a thousand ancient buildings.

9. Vanadzor

The third-largest city in Armenia is called Vanadzor, and it is situated in the northern part of the country. The breathtaking Lori region is one of the best places to visit in Armenia and is easily reachable from Vanadzor.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city is the Vanadzor Botanical Garden, and visitors may also choose to visit the Vanadzor Fine Art Museum. Due to the abundance of mineral springs in the Lori region, Vanadzor and the surrounding areas provide a broad variety of fantastic spas.

Vanadzor boasts a huge number of theatres, including the Vanadzor Puppet Theatre and the Bohem Chamber Theatre, despite being predominantly an industrial city.

10. Amberd Fortress

One of Armenia’s most stunning tourist spots is the seventh-century Amberd Fortress. It takes roughly an hour to travel from Yerevan, the nation’s capital, to the citadel, which once served as one of the Armenian Kingdom’s primary military strongholds.

The weather usually improves by late May, but throughout the winter, snowfall can make the stronghold impassable. The view from the top of the stronghold is even more beautiful than the stronghold itself. The town of Byurakan and the Byurakan Observatory are nearby.

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