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What Must You Know About Property For Rent In Qatar?

by Bilbilay
Property For Rent

Once you’ve decided to move, searching for apartments for rent in Qatar becomes a top priority. This is because you will need to become familiar with a new real estate market, new real estate standards, properties for rent in Qatar, a new currency, new living expenses, and the property for rent locations for foreigners. This article will tell you the essential factors to consider while selecting a rental property in Qatar.

Look For Flats To Rent In Areas Foreigners Friendly

Since many foreigners live in Qatar, this is the easiest step while looking for flats to rent. As an ex-pat, you are welcome in Qatar and are even permitted to purchase real estate in freehold neighborhoods, which are the neighborhoods that are friendlier to foreigners.

In Qatar, Lusail City, The Pearl, and West Bay (including the West Lagoon), the latter two in Doha, are the residential areas where foreigners make up most of the population.

Rentable Apartments For Families

Any studio apartment in Qatar is available for rent if you are single, regardless of location. They are well-equipped and roomy.

If you are also moving with your family, you should look for apartments that will meet their needs for comfort:

  • Spacious
  • Sufficient quantity of rooms
  • Neighborhood daycare center or gym
  • A playground located in the neighborhood
  • Green spaces
  • Nearby shopping districts

Even though it can seem like a lot to ask of an apartment and the neighborhood, it is not. Most residential areas provide kid-friendly amenities, including indoor or outdoor playgrounds. Since Doha and Lusail are booming cities, nurseries and gyms are accessible from most ex-pat neighborhoods.

Different Options You Can Get For Rent


The number of bedrooms in an apartment can be 1, 2, 3, or 4. Nowadays, many of the newer buildings have a lobby, a gym, and, if you’re lucky, a swimming pool.

Compound Villas

A compound resembles a small town, and the villas for rent can have one or two stories. A playground for kids, a gym, a swimming pool, a grocery store, and a community club are all located inside the perimeter of the enclosure. If you have kids, it’s fantastic since they can play outside safely, and most compounds have gates with security personnel watching them.

Serviced Residences

Many individuals choose serviced apartments when they first arrive in Qatar for the first few months while they look for accommodation that they enjoy and is within their price range because they are perfect for short-term stays and are available for a few days, also a few weeks, or a few months.

Independent Villas

Villas in compounds are typically less expensive than standalone villas. They are larger and more open, and some even have lovely gardens. Due to the wall around the villa and the presence of an entry and driveway, you will be cut off also from the outside world. If you’re fortunate, there might even be.

The Cost Of Rent Varies

Numerous expenses can be included or excluded from the monthly rent. As a result, you should constantly be knowledgeable of the precise terms of your contract. For instance, your rent may not necessarily cover utility costs. Certain brokers may want advance cheque payments, but the payment structure is also sometimes different.

Be wary of any limitations and guidelines that may impact you and your family. Pets, for instance, are only sometimes permitted.

Last but not least, study the details of the commission structure in your contract (when working with a broker). Let’s examine two typical commission schemes utilized by brokers in Qatar when renting out properties.

·         Proportional To The Yearly Rent: Your broker might ask for 5% of the total annual rent as a commission. Therefore, if you pay QAR 10,000 each month, you will earn QAR 6,000 in commission.

·         Percentage Of The First Rental Payment: For instance, your broker can ask for 50% of the monthly rent as a commission. Therefore, if you pay QAR 10,000 per month, you will receive QAR 5,000 in commission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For what is Al Wakrah renowned?

The city once enjoyed a reputation for its natural pearl commerce and fishing port. The Al Janoub Stadium, which will serve as the venue for matches at the Qatar 2022TM, was inspired by the dhow boats that the city’s locals used. There are numerous historic structures and old forts in Al Wakrah.

In Qatar, how is the security deposit paid?

The security deposit is almost one month’s rent, mainly in Qatar. Although it is refundable, the terms may allow for a deduction if the property is destroyed or the tenant cannot pay any rent,

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