What Toilet Features Do You Need For The Toilet?

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Toilet Features

When you want to shop for a new commode, always remember that a large price tag doesn’t mean you are buying the right choice. Buying expensive things does not mean it has to be perfect or guarantee better performance. The best selection of toilets helps you in saving water while delivering a satisfying result! Toilets are very important and due to the pandemic; it has received a lot more use than normal. So, the toilet should be reliable especially when you have a lot of members in your home and they are sharing a washroom with their siblings. For a good hygiene factor, your toilet should be neat and clean and for that, you need some things in your toilet that you had never thought of having before! 

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Things You Need In Your Washroom To Update Your Toilet

Well, everyone wants to update their life so why not update your toilet seat? Why don’t you want to eliminate fights about who left the toilet seat down and erase any trace of your embarrassing smells? I have gathered some helpful items in this blog that will help you in getting rid of such kinds of awkward and unwanted situations and will update your toilet.  

Seat Warmer

Who hates to sit on a cold toilet seat in the morning, especially on cold days? but thankfully we have seat warmers available in the market that help us in this matter and make our seat a perfect seat to sit comfortably. Some seat warmers even have adjustment features in them that help a person to control them according to their needs. So, no more struggling with sitting in a cold seat in winter. 



Bidets can be seen widely being used especially in Asia and Europe but the US is also adopting this item. An American-based brand clear rear has bidets that are so fine in quality that people are buying this incredible item from them. Plus, Bio Bidet Coupon Code also gives them a chance to save in their shopping. bidets help you in gently rinse off, eliminating or reducing your need for toilet paper just by simply tapping a button. Some modern bidet seats have a built-in dryer where you need to press a dry button and the air dryer will dry the area. If you are using a normal or traditional bidet seat then you can use toilet paper or a towel to dry.

Touchless Flushing

We are living in the 21st century, which means smart technology has taken over many things and given back a comfortable easy life. The same goes in this matter, where you no longer need to flush by touching the button. Simply, wave your hand, and you are done, the toilet will take care of the rest! That’s how technology works but you will still need to pull your pants up though! You won’t believe it, but some advanced models also have a feature that analyzes what you left in the bowl and uses just the right amount of water to wash it down the drain. How thoughtful it is to save water!

Motion-Activated Toilet Lid

Are you one of those who hates touching the toilet lid? Thanks to some innovative toilet brands to save you from such awful situations by manufacturing the motion-activated lid that opens by itself. It not only opens but also lowers the lid for women and lifts the toilet seat automatically so the men can also do their business while standing easily and comfortably. And when you are done doing your business the lid will close itself, isn’t it amazing? No more touching on the dirty seats especially when you are using a public toilet, this smart item will save you from this situation.

Air Purifier 

Whether you are living with a joint family or not, nobody wants their washroom to smell stinky, for that air purifier is the savior and gives a pleasant aura. Air purifiers come in many styles and sizes that have different features depending on which brand you are buying. People try to cover up any odors in their bathroom with scented sprays, and air fresheners but they don’t last for long. Whereas, air purifiers on the other hand last longer and give a pleasant and fresh full environment to breathe.

Music Player

If you feel insecure and don’t want anybody else to hear you doing your business then this item will work perfectly for you! Some brands are offering toilets that can be connected to Bluetooth devices to play music. And some have an SD card feature, where you can load a custom bathroom playlist and enjoy your washroom time while doing the deed! 

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