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graphic designing courses in Mohali

Mohali is a planned city in Punjab, India and is a part of the greater Chandigarh Tri-city region. In recent years, it has gained recognition for its fast-growing IT and technology sector after the onset of information technology boom in India. With the rise and advancement of technology came the need for IT specialist and professionals.  

Mohali has therefore become a hub for several renowned IT institutes and technological companies. These prestigious institutes provide high quality education and training programs but none comes close to Base2Brand campus. It is the best and leading IT and best placement institute in Mohali that offers students with practical knowledge, skills and experience needed to stand out and advance in industry. 

 Also, its job-oriented training programs makes students ever ready to take on any to take on any task you meet. Base2brand campus also offers a 24/7 support to students with doubts and questions, and also provide opportunities to connect and build relationships with giants in the industry. 

What makes Base2Brand campus stand out? 

Comprehensive courses 

Base2brand offers comprehensive training on a numerous subject. The graphic designing courses in Mohali especially takes students through the fundamentals of graphic and visual design and the essential abilities that helps to make impactful graphic designs. 


With a regularly updated curriculum to meet the latest advancements in technology, these job-oriented curriculums cover every aspect of the course and provide its students with cut edge tools and technologies for a successful career in the industry. The course contents provide students with in depth instructions on fundamentals of the courses and ensures that students have a firm understanding on the subject they are pursuing.  


Practical experience 

As an institution that provides places a lot of emphasis on practical experiences, Base2Brand campus gives students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned. This has proved to be a more efficient and effective mode of teaching.  

As most training programs require practical experiences, students learn through case studies and work on live projects at the expense of the institution that gives them insights of the real-world setting. This helps the students obtain priceless experiences as they put what they have learned to use. These helps the students to develop, sharpen and maximize their skills in a particular field.  

Experienced teachers 

As a reputable institute with well-versed trainers, Base2Brand campus has a proven record of delivering high quality education. Students here are trained by experienced professionals and skilled experts who have the much-needed experience in the industry and the necessary knowledge in their chosen fields to provide effective and efficient training for students 


As the cost of tuition is a headache for many. Base2Brand campus which is administered by Base2Brand Infotech Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive education and practical experiences through experienced and highly skilled trainers at an affordable price. Here, students are offered the value for their money and obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to advance in their chosen fields without breaking the bank. 

Placement Drive 

After completion, students are offered suitable jobs and helped pass interviews with the leading giants in the industry. It is the leading full stack best placement institute in Mohali. Upon completing courses like mern and mean stack, digital marketing among others. With their numerous partnerships with distinguished and remarkable companies, they provide you with the best possible opportunity where you can put your full potential to use.  


Base2Brand campus awards industry recognized certificates to students upon the completion of their courses. These certificates prove your potential, talents, skills and knowledge in a given field to potential employers and for your personal growth. They help boosts your resume and gives you competitive edge and successfully launch your career in the industry. 

Courses and training programs offered by Base2Brand campus 

  • Web designing 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Web development 
  • Graphic designing 
  • Oracle training course 
  • Sales  
  • Quality assurance training 
  • Artificial intelligence training 
  • Blockchain certification training 
  • Crash course 


In conclusion, Base2Brand is your one stop institute for all your professional training needs. From comprehensive and job-oriented courses like graphic designing, full stack development, digital marketing, web designing and web development among others, to their placement drive, world renowned certificates, budget friendly cost, experienced and highly skilled trainers and their practical sessions ensures you get an all-rounded education on a subject of choice and ready for the job market at an affordable rate.  

 This helps you to develop and maximize your talent, knowledge and potential in a given field whiles staying in trend with the latest technologies and advancements in your field of study. Thus, elevating your standing whiles giving you success in the ever changing and cutthroat IT industry.

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