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7 reasons why telemedicine is the way to go during COVID

by Bilbilay

The safety protocols post COVID-19 have slowed down a lot of activity globally. As the healthcare sector slowly bounces back from the COVID-19 frenzy, telemedicine options have become even more popular than before. Why? Because the possibility of seeing your doctor over a chat or video call is no longer alien. More so, during the lockdown and self-isolation phases when telemedicine saw a considerable upside.

While telemedicine services did exist for decades, the new health guidelines pushed more people to try them out.

We collated a list of 7 reasons why telemedicine services are befitting during this time:

1.   Easier access

The lack of reliable transportation and safety measures mean that access to medical assistance is limited. From the comfort of their home, using a Smartphone, one can easily reach their doctor even when being isolated/quarantined/locked down. Thus eliminating the risk related to travel and time is taken to get to the appointment.

2.   Quality of care

Visiting any healthcare center at this moment poses a significant risk. Unless necessary, the need to avoid venturing out for health issues puts a considerable focus on preventive care measures. Telehealth makes it easy to access preventive care. After seeking services online, only critical patients might need a hospital visit. Additionally, patients who have availed of telemedicine services are active throughout their healthcare programs.

3.   Help available 24*7

Immunity is at an all-time low; we never know when the need for support might arise. But with telehealthcare, medical support is available at any given moment round the clock. Time is no longer a constraint as the medium of communication is convenient for both doctors and patients. Consult, follow up, and get instructions and medications anytime. Patients do not have to worry about a doctor/pharmacy visit in lockdown.

4.   Vast resource pool

At a time when doctor clinics are closed due to COVID, your preferred practitioner might not be available. The ability to access doctors, specialized care professionals, physicians, pharmacists, and counselors is enormous. Through on-demand telemedicine apps like Algo, patients can tap a broad set of professionals. Patients can access the right information in their moment of need and change caregivers to suit their health requirements.

5.   Reduced costs

Telemedicine is more cost-effective than traditional healthcare. Communication over the internet makes these services economical. Thus, even a specialized consultation is affordable for patients with financial constraints. Higher emphasis is on providing healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, certain insurance providers have added telemedicine as an option to consider.

6.   One-on-one care

Through telemedicine services, a healthcare practitioner can engage with a patient virtually even without sitting across in real life. The undivided attention guarantees effective care as there are no other people involved, zero risks of exposure, no gaps between appointments, or missing appointments anymore. In offline mode sometimes due to rush a clinic patient not feel comfortable and they do not tell their problem to doctor clearly, that means some problems stay hidden and cannot cure timely which is mostly not happened in the case of virtual healthcare or with online doctor appointment facilities. The mobile app will automatically alert and notify you of your upcoming sessions.

7.   Provider support

Through telemedicine, health caregivers can easily refer to other specialists, and doctors for consultations to support a patient who needs specialized care and facilitate faster action. Apart from consulting and monitoring patients with ease, providers can encourage more patients to reach out to them through telehealth services. Considering that both patients and doctors are based remotely, telemedicine comes as a boon complimenting COVID-19 safety protocols.


While Telemedicine is a lot of things, it is not an alternative to traditional care. Instead, it is an add-on process that promotes enhanced patient care. The convenience that comes with teleconsultation and real-time support improves patient satisfaction.

People around the world are bracing for the new normal. One should be ready to adapt to changes in the futuristic aspect and infusion of technology into our lives. Telemedicine services offered by trusted healthcare enablers like Algo App which is a leading online medical service provide in Canada, facilitate next-level readiness. Your next online consultation is right there on your phone waiting to be scheduled. Experience the benefits of telemedicine with Algo today.

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