2 Wonders of Medical Science: PAC System and RIS System

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Pac system medical

PACS  is one of the many technological advancements that has revolutionized medical science. Science keeps amazing us every day with some or the other changes around. At times it becomes quite difficult for one to imagine that this could even happen. Let us very specifically talk about medical science. These days, it has grown to an extent and the field is doing unbelievable wonders, but to the track, the data of everyday operations has become a little difficult, and storage of such data in physical form requires maintenance. At times, looking or referring to old data becomes cumbersome, or not as easy as it should be. Though, there is a system that can help in managing, and communicating the data of patients in an easy go.

The Role of PAC Systems in Efficient Medical Imaging and Record-Keeping

Yes! Search for Pac systems medical or Pacs medical imaging on the internet and get the details of the same. Let us gather some details on what is this Pac system?

PAC system medical is picture achieving and communication system. It is taken into use for medical imaging technologies. It is also utilized for storing, presenting, receiving, and sharing the data produced by medical equipment such as X-ray and radiology devices, or storing the diagnostics reports as an imaging file. It helps in maintaining the records for a longer period.

The Pac System medical is a software device that stores the patients’ diagnostics report in image format, and files that can be further updated with the latest addition in it.


What technology does PACs use for image achieving and communication?

The answer to it is DICOM, Digital Imaging, and Communications in Medicine. The DICOM has all the protocols set in it. It smartly manages the storage and communication image files that are done post diagnostics, as the imaging devices are connected to the application server. It makes things easier and manageable for the person who works on the same.

Advantages of Pac system: –

  • Storage of data: It is quite convenient to store the data on the Pac systems. Through these imaging devices, larger storage gives ample space for managing and keeping the data on the device.
  • Retrieval of data: Along with data storage, it is quite convenient to pull the data at any point of time as and when required. Many filter options are also available to get the complete history of the diagnostics been done on the patients.
  • Fast communication: The data can be stored well and can be retrieved well above. All it is easy to present or communicate the same to the requester as well in no time.

No need for the physical device

Since all the storage and communications are on the device, there is nothing to worry about physical storage or loss of data. What are the key requisites for the successful implementation of the Pac system?

The Hardware Imaging Machine

The hardware device is required, for capturing the images, such as an X-ray machine or Radiology machines, etc.

A secured encrypted network

The restricted and secured network is always preferable to secure, transfer, and receive data. It avoids the risk of data being compromised or hacked.


This is cloud storage that is used for storing, retrieving the data as per need.

Viewing device

A mobile or a workstation has to be there to scrutinize the information, or validating the day to day operations.

In medical imaging technology, there is one more addition i.e., the RIS system.

RIS is the radiology information system. It is a software system that is used for managing images related to medical science. It is utilized for the below tasks.

  • Radiology imaging tracking
  • Managing billing information
  • Combining PACS and VNAs

As the radiology information system is used for various tasks, it has numerous functions as well. Below are the functions of the RIS system.

  • Management of patient’s record

The RIS system is great technology used for managing the records of patients. It keeps the track of workflow of the overall radiology department. It also updates the report and images to EHRs, then concerned radiology staff can view or retrieve the data of patients through EHRs.

  • Scheduling of patients

The RIS system is also taken into use for making appointments of the patient, whether inpatient or outpatients. It assists in maintaining the records of the count of patients and helps in maintaining transparency in data about the same.

  • Overall tracking of patients

With the use of the RIS system, one can get information about the overall history of the patient concerning the radiology, from admission at the hospital to dischargeIt is also useful for coordinating the radiology records of a patient with past, current, or future appointments at the same place.

  • Report of patients

The RIS system generates the reports of each patient. The statistical reports then can be used further for checking the complied reports of the patients. One can get the statistical report of each patient and can get the report of patients in the groups as well.

  • Track of finance and billing

By using the RIS system, the detailed finance report can be kept. It generates the report of all the electronic payments and computerized claims as well. Now a day, these features are incorporated in HER systems as well.

  • Tracking of images

Earlier, the providers of radiology used to keep their records in the RIS system. They used to keep the images of the individual patient along with their linked data. However, one more system i.e., EHRs has been used as a standard system across the medical industry. The system is used for keeping digitized images.

Medical industries across the world are using both Pac System medical and RIS systems. Both the technologies have made numerous tasks easier to manage with few clicks. These systems have been proved as a great invention for tracking the clinical workflow of the medical industries. It has been widely adopted by almost every medical enterprise across the world. You can get more information about the same by searching about the RIS system or even searching about PAC system medical.

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