Tissot Watches Size Guide: Perfect Case, Strap & Dial For You

Tissot Watches

In 1853, Tissot Watches was founded by a father and son duo from the Swiss city of Le Locle of the Jura Mountains. Initially known for its reputation of building top-notch, gold-cased pocket watches, now you can trust Tissot with luxury extravaganzas in the form of an exclusive watch face.

Enthusiasts all around the globe find keen interest in choosing Tissot watches, provided the rich feel and charming aura these products have to show off. The brand continues with an exclusive collection of tools and sports watches. Besides the modern versions, there are a variety of contemporary models which dates back to the early days of the brand’s legacy language.

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How To Pick Among The Right Tissot Watches: A Complete Guide

Of all the variety in Tissot watches, the vintage ref. the 808A Tissot Chronograph is an absolute icon to settle for. Also, with the brand, you will find some models continuing with the tachymeter scales printed around the periphery of the dials. In comparison, others are offering a more classic and dress-specific aesthetic.

Also, each watch type comes with unique functions, dial sizes and band materials. To make things more extravagant, Tissot, as a brand, undergoes celebrity collaboration producing limited edition watches. Nonetheless, here is a comprehensive guide to owning the right Tissot watch.


Watch Movements

Before investing in Tissot watches, it is essential to consider various working mechanisms. Choose between three different movement types,

Mechanical Movements

The mainspring powers a mechanical watch with gears and adjacent balance wheels. One has to twist the crown to tighten the spring. The coils get cranked up, and ultimately the spring unwinds, making the second hand of the watch rotate. The longer the mainspring, the greater the watch’s power.


If you are selecting Tissot watches with quartz’s basic functionality, get ready to indulge in meticulously designed high-quality time aspects. These watches are also battery-powered. Further, there are auto quartz watches from Tissot that offer an automated winding system, ensuring thoroughly wound movements. But do not expose your watches to intense magnetic fields generated by mobile phones, speakers, refrigerators and computers.

Automatic Movements

Automatic watches come with self-winding machines. Here, the Kinetic energy generated from your wrist moves the rotor. An in-built slipping clutch device eliminates all chances of overwinding.

Strap Size

Each individual has a specific wrist type, making all differences in the strap size. You can choose from leather and metal straps in Tissot watches. The table below offers a quick overview of various strap sizes and the wrist size they fit into.

Strap sizeWrist size
120/70 mm150 – 164 mm
125/75 mm165 – 178 mm
130/80 mm179 – 190 mm
135/80 mm191 – 203 mm
140/85 mm204 – 216 mm
145/90 mm217 – 229 mm

Case Thickness

The case thickness is usually linked with the complexity of movements in Tissot watches. Based on your preference, you can go for a less complex watch type that fits rightfully under your shirt’s cuff.

Case Diameter

Coming to the diameter of the Tissot watches, those for men are broader than those manufactured for the women clan. The most sought-after Tissot watch, Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium is only 40 mm in diameter, making it perfect for office-going men.

Your Budget

Tissot watches are considered luxury buys, so you must have an adequate budget to bag the right watch. Usually, the range starts from INR 39,000 and goes up to INR 163,000 for both men and women.

Why Should You Buy Tissot Watches?

Tissot, one of the iconic brands in the horological industry, makes its watches a must-buy in the luxury range. With 165 years of experience in watch-making, the Tissot brand tries to offer quality over everything. Also, there is more. For which you will have to continue with the reading task.

Multivarious Watch Types

You will find a unique Tissot watch for every occasion. The brand leaves no stone unturned when manufacturing quality products for all gender types. The variety of attractions ranges from exclusive timepieces to sparkling diamond stunners.

Trendy Designs And Limited Editions

Tissot has a brand legacy dating back a century. However, this Swiss watch manufacturer has updated itself with time, consistently launching trendy designs and limited editions for everyone to enjoy.

Sleek Designs, High-Quality Materials And Organised Movements

To retain its high-end watch brand status, Tissot continues launching best quality made watches. The company has already experimented with titanium, gold and ceramic watch faces, ensuring a particular design for each lifestyle.


Tissot watches are engineered to perform their best. Each watch type amalgamates the best designs, precise movements, and quality build materials. Whether you are looking for a classic timepiece, a party stunner or a water-resistant variant for regular sports, Tissot has it all. But abide by the points mentioned above for an appropriate buy.

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